Opposite Reaction Than Normal

I wasn’t so much happy Saturday night as I was relieved.

It was a long time coming for a Georgia to show up like that in the early part of the season and physically dominate a quality opponent.  I was glad it happened, but I was just relieved that we didn’t have to hear the same old negative comments.  It is something to have the entire national media notice you and talk about how great the team looked, not how unprepared they were and how Georgia is overrated.

After a big win, my head is in the clouds.  I want the team to stay focused and prepared, not to look ahead, but I am a fan and can do it.

Being at the beach last week, I didn’t have access to the South Carolina-Texas A&M game.  I did however watch the Ole Miss-Boise State game.  I also had a little juice on it, and for the longest time, it seemed my meager $5 wager was wasted.  Ole Miss struggled for 3 quarters, then in the 4th quarter finally pulled away.  It was clear the talent, depth and conditioning was too much for the Broncos, who are a step back from previous years.

Everyone talked about this being why Ole Miss wasn’t ready for the West contention, etc.  Two days later, Georgia struggles for a half, doesn’t do anything on offense for 3 quarters, and gets 21 points from explosive plays.  And the narrative from the national media is how Georgia would be the #1 seed right now.

Don’t mistake this for complaining or being too negative.  I’m not like Bill Shanks who will complain even when things are going great.  I am going watch replays, pour over the stats, and enjoy a big win.  But I also don’t want to get too high in the clouds, either.  I’m glad Coach Richt and the other coaches are saying the same things.

My typical reaction is to be excited.  I’m going to be the opposite. If every year I get bummed out when we lose, I’m going to curb my enthusiasm just a little after this big win.

Becuase I know that South Carolina is going to give us everything they have.  Their season is going to be on the line.

If we come out of the Carolina game with a W, then I’ll probably be incredulous.  People will not want to be around me.  My wife says I suffer from a condition called “football brain” this time of the year, and I’m sure if we are 2-0 after September 13, I’ll probably have a terminal case of football brain.

But for now, I’m not going to buy into the #1 seed, Gurley for Heisman, or how great we are hype.



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