6 Bold Predictions

I’ll see how I did at the end of the season. 

Bold Predictions.

1. Alabama won’t win the SEC West:  I think the Crimson Tide are prime for a step back.  I do think a “step back” for them is somewhere around 9-3.  Too many unresolved issues at QB, and in this league, even as good as their defense and running game is, your QB is going to have to win you a ballgame.  Especially on the road.  I’m afraid they just won’t do it this season.

2. LSU will win the SEC West: I know they have to replace a lot of offensive skill players, and are breaking in a new QB also, but they get Alabama at home.  The Tigers do have tricky road games in back to back weeks at Florida and at Auburn, but I think they are able to pull it out.  They will win the SEC West and be a contender for the National Playoff.

3. Florida upsets Alabama, but Will Muschamp won’t finish the year against Florida State:  The former student will have his boys ready against his mentor.  The Gators will pull off the upset in Tuscaloosa on September 20. However, three weeks later against LSU, Florida will get beaten, then will lose again to Georgia.  I had originally thought that if Florida lost to Georgia, Muschamp would get the Kiffin treatment and be fired at the stadium and have to get his buddy Mike Bobo to give him a lift home, but the victory over Alabama will keep around another week.  No, it will be more poetic.  Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks will beat Florida and run up the score in the swamp.  He will be fired before Eastern Kentucky, and then of course Florida will lose to FSU.

4. Georgia will make the 4 team playoff, but not win the National Title: How many times have we said that If there was only a playoff, Georgia and Mark Richt would have a couple of National Titles by now? This year, Georgia will make the playoff but won’t win it all. I cannot yet see who will win it all, but it won’t be the Dawgs.

5. This will be Dan Mullen’s last year at Mississippi State:  One of two things will happen:  Dan Mullen’s best team will perform well and exceed Mississippi State expectations, or they will underachieve. Either way, the natives will get restless or another school (like Florida) will call and beg him to leave.  He made a mistake a few years ago for not striking while the iron was hot; he won’t repeat that mistake.

6. Hutson Mason will lead the SEC in passing:  I’m not sure why this is so bold.  Throwing to talkbacks count as passing yards.  Who are the other candidates?  Not Nick Marshall.  Has to be someone.

1 Response to “6 Bold Predictions”

  1. 1 RugbyDawg79 August 27, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    Nice Write up-I hope florida loses to Alabama but I certainly understand your reasoning—Good Job

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