Top College Football Games During Off Weekends

I love football season. I love going to Athens for games Between the Hedges. But one of the downfalls of going to the games is not being able to watch a lot of the other games on TV. Sitting around the house all day in the recliner and watching football all day is pretty good, too. Now, my wife isn’t crazy about these marathon days, but we make do.

And because I am a degenerate, I usually have a vested rooted in interest in many games.

There are 4 weekends this year we know for sure that the Dawgs are off, or will be getting done early in the afternoon due to playing a subpar opponent. And these games aren’t that stressful from a Georgia fan’s perspective, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy some other college football games.

So I went through and cherry picked some of the best (or most interesting) games the two bye days and the Troy and Charleston Southern game days. And the good thing is these games are spread out strategically in the beginning of the season, early in the season but a few weeks in, smack dab in the middle of the season, and then towards the end. So the timing of these contests are important for many different reasons.

September 6 (Open week)

ECU at South Carolina: Steve Spurrier said it best-ECU might be better than some bottom tier Big 10 teams. After a hard fought game against Texas A&M, it will be good to scout South Carolina again before the Dawgs head to Columbia.

Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State: Anytime Ohio State or an Urban Meyer coached team plays a decent out of conference opponent outside a bowl game, it is newsworthy.

Michigan at Notre Dame:   Two teams I really don’t care for, and the hype for this game will be undeservedly off the chart, but this game has also been pretty entertaining the last several years.

Michigan State at Oregon: A potential Rose Bowl or playoff match up features a contrast in styles. My early bet is on Michigan State.

BYU at Texas: this game last year was the time you knew Mack Brown wouldn’t be around much longer. Be interesting to see how Charlie Strong’s does.

September 20 (Troy)

Florida at Alabama: Two things are going to happen here: Florida will get eviscerated, which is always good TV. Or Florida’s offense is legit and they make it a game, in which I enjoy the all mighty Alabama looking mortal. Either way, good TV.

Mississippi State at LSU: People are saying Mississippi State is a quiet contender in the supposedly wide open SEC West. LSU has to replace a ton of talent, like always, and could be down a bit. However, I don’t think Mississippi State will be there. This game will say a lot about the division race and if State is ready to contend.

Clemson at FSU: Clemson will want revenge following last year’s defeat. Hopefully Clemson will have a loss and will be motivated to play well so this one will be halfway competitive.

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech: A good chance to see Tech and their new QB.

Oregon at Washington State: Just because of Mike Leach, and you have to have a late night, high scoring Pac-12 game to fall asleep to.

October 25 (Bye)

South Carolina at Auburn: No explanation here. Fire up the grill, ice down the beer. This is Big Boy SEC Football at its finest.

Ole Miss at LSU: For the reasons I listed above for the Mississippi State-LSU game.

Ohio State vs. Penn State: This could be known as the “Asshole Bowl”. I want to start that petition. Should be a good game. Well, good game for the Big 10.

Arizona at Washington State; Arizona State at Washington: Both make the cut because I’m sure they will be late night games and should be high scoring affairs to just veg out to and put the sleep timer on to drift away after a long day of football.

November 22 (Charleston Southern)

NOTE: If there is a day to start raking some leaves, helping your wife prepare for Thanksgiving, or to do any other task, then this is the day to do it. Just be prepared this is a suckie day.

NOTE 2: When folks complain about this weekend being so bad in the SEC, I say “So what? There are good games in other conferences.” Not this year that I saw.

USC @UCLA: I guess this one will be interesting.

Oklahoma State at Baylor: This has the potential to either be a high scoring shootout, or for Baylor to destroy the Cowpokes.


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