How big of a deal should off-field issues be?

It’s with a great sense of pride that in my office at my real job hangs a nicely framed diploma trumpeting the fact that I’m a proud alumnus of the University of Georgia. 

So any time you see headlines, such as Saturday morning, that two players from the football program have been arrested within a two-week span, it is initially unsettling. 

But in the big picture, as far as competing for a national championship, how much of an issue should off-field issues be? Sure, if you have friends of other SEC teams or worry about drivel being pushed forward by the likes of a Corbin Dawg’s favorite radio sports talk host, bearing criticism of the program can be unsettling.

I want to be very direct. I’m not defending what Jonathan Taylor did. You NEVER have an excuse for assaulting your wife/ girlfriend (we’re looking at you as well, Ray Rice). 

But 18-22-year olds will be idiots, and they do so all over the country. Why they tend to do so in Athens? Who knows? 

But if this team wins the MNC or wins the SEC title, what do you think will be remembered more? Off-field issues or the season results?

Jake Scott is one of the most iconic players in UGA history and had a spotted off-field record. Some 30 years ago, some of the team leaders faced team discipline prior to the season. Half a year or so later, that same team won a National Title. What do you think is remembered more?

Once the season starts, off-field issues will hopefully fade.

Pre-season camp cannot begin soon enough.

Lugnut Dawg



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