It’s Coming…

Preview magazines are starting to hit the shelves.  I bought one just to buy it, but I am anxiously awaiting the Phil Steele.

As we look ahead to the new 2014 season, let’s look back to 2013.  And this has to do with looking back.

Georgia finished 8-5.  Not good.

But ask yourself this:  If the team that had started the LSU game played the rest of the season, would Georgia had gone 8-5?  Or, if the team that even started Tennessee played the rest of the season, would Georgia had gone 8-5?

The answer to these questions is both no, and probably Georgia would have played Auburn again in the SEC title game.  I say all that to possible reinforce myself.  As the magainzes come out, and we start to wish away the dog days of summer, let us all be excited.  Between the way the 2012 SEC Championship game ended and the highs and lows of 2013, it has been hard for me to get excited about the 2014 campaign.

But guys, it is coming.  And last year wasn’t as bad as we want to think. So, Go Dawgs!



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