Josh Murray memory Not Involving Trashy TV

I don’t watch The Bachelor, I never intend to.  My wife LOVES trashy reality TV.  If it involves a housewife, and it comes on Bravo, she is hooked.  I try my best to find anything else to do, but sometimes I am in the room when these programs come on our TV.  I tell her, “You give me 12 Saturdays a year to watch whatever I want, you can watch all the trashy TV the other 353 days a year.”  I think that is a fair deal.

I saw on Twitter and Facebook  that Josh Murray, brother of some QB named Aaron, is on The Bachelor.  I do remember the 2010 Auburn game, when Nick Fairly tried his damndest to cripple Aaron Murray, and when the straw that broke the camel’s back, or the leg as it were, happened, Josh was ready to have a death match with Fairly in the middle of Jordan-Hare.  I don’t think that Josh Murray could take Fairly in fight, but seeing the way he was running out on the field and had to be contained by his teammates, I think he would have made a lasting impression on Fairly’s ugly face.

Eh, maybe it was trashy TV afterall…



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