Ribeye or Filet?

I am not a defensive coach or an expert on strenght and conditioning.

Especially strength and conditioning.

But the news the past few days about Coach Pruitt’s hope to get the defense to slim down to be better conditioned for games is interesting.  I get you want the guys to be well-conditioned and all, gotta Finish the Drill.

Despite what happened on the Plains this past season, the road through to the SEC Championship still runs through Baton Rouge and Tuscaloosa.

Again, though I’ve shed a few of the winter pounds recently, you can take one look at me and know I am not an expert in this field.  But I have to wonder-will getting too lean and mean hurt us against the few teams that run the power offenses like Alabama and LSU?

Nick Saban himself has recnetly said part of their success is they are one of the few teams that still run a traditional power, pro-style offense.  Defenses build themselves to compete against the spread, HUNH attacks, then play a power team and can’t be stopped.  Now, Nick Saban has the talent to run the Wishbone and be great at it, but I think that is a fair point.

On the flipside, that is just a couple of games, and I think we need to worry about getting through the months of September, October and November before we need to start worrying about December and January.

Ultimately, I don’t know if it will make much of a difference.  I don’t know if having the perfectly conditioned defense last year would have helped the secondary get in the right spot.




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