Olivadotti and Wilson: Godspeed

I am not surprised that Chris Wilson and Kirk Olivadotti are departing.  I imagine either one of them are disappointed they weren’t named defensive coordinator, and when Grantham left I kind of thought that both of them would be moving on.  Whenever you see a new coordinator come in, they usually want to hire their own guys.  Except with Rodney Garner, but that ship has sailed.

I was glad to see Grantham depart, and indifferent to Lakatos’ departure.  But while I am happy for Wilson and Olivadotti, I am disappointed they are leaving the Bulldogs.  Their two units were the only areas of our defense during the past year that was not a complete dumpster fire or let down.  Wilson did a fine job coaching up the defensive line, a big question mark going into the season.  Olivadotti just coached up two of the leading tacklers in the SEC and two all-conference players.

It’s not like they are leaving for Directional State.  Olivadotti is an NFL guy and Wilson is going to USC, another traditional program. So, Godspeed gentlemen.

Now, I am sure Coach Pruitt will hire more than capable assistants to come in.  I get the sense the defensive coaching staff is going to go young and high energy.  If I had any influence, and I don’t, I would suggest that Coaches Richt and Pruitt take a look at a former assistant: Warren Belin.  Coach Belin is the perfect coach for us.  He has been around in the SEC for a while and knows recruiting, has that NFL experience, and perhaps most paramount, is good with special teams.   Quick-when was the last time UGA special teams was not a complete cluster?

Answer:  2010, Belin’s only year as a Bulldog.  He coached up the kick off units and saw dramatic improvement under his guidance.  Belin was the de facto special teams coordinator when he was on staff, and 2010 played the best of any year in recent memory (which, was also the losing year).

I doubt Coach Belin will come back, but here’s to dreaming.


NOTE:  I saw that Bernie wasked the same thing in a post here


1 Response to “Olivadotti and Wilson: Godspeed”

  1. 1 Dawg with no fleas January 16, 2014 at 10:47 am

    Warren belin is the olb coach at wake Forrest. It is his alma mater so there are some emotional ties, but I would think we could pay more than the demon deacons.

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