Don’t You Love The (Sports) Media?

I love Twitter and ESPN. Instant access to information, all the football games you could want to watch, and interaction with others in a digital world. But having to fill time for content in a 24 hour cycle, you see there is room where folks mess up.

You also see this across all media, whether it is Fox, CNN or whatever your flavor is.  They get a hold of a meme or talking point, and run it to death.  But, this is about sports so I’ll spare the news media.

First off, I like how ESPN is now running full court press with the BCS bowls.  They were giving the Sugar Bowl extra special treatment last night. Though they didn’t have the big guns like Herbie and Fowler, they did the B-team in Reece Davis, Lou Holtz and Mark May.  This grinds my gears.  Beucase I remember when Fox had the rights to the BCS bowls, except the Rose Bowl, that ESPN pratically ignored those other games except for highlights.  But the Rose Bowl was shown extra importance.  Now that ESPN has the rights for the BCS bowls, they are back to giving it proper attention.  I get it, they don’t want to promote something they aren’t showing on their network.  But it is a misnomer to call yourself the World Wide Leader In Sports.  It should be “The World Wide Leader in Sports we show on our networks.”

Anyway, I don’t want to hear the sports media talk about Alabama not wanting to be there.  Just like folks say that Georgia didn’t want to be there.  Yes, I said yesterday these bowls are meaningless exhibtion games that are glorified commercials, and it doesn’t matter in the context of a successful season.  But it also doesn’t mean the players and coaches don’t want to win.  I watched Mark Richt’s postgame press conference, and both he and Hutson Mason looked dejected.  Arthur Lynch was in near tears.  The players and coaches are competitors and want to win at everything they do.  As fans, it is just something for us to enjoy.  Football on a Thursday night, or more reruns of the Big Bang Theory on TBS?  I’ll go with football.

I watched almost 100% of the Sugar Bowl last night.  I’ve seen Alabama get down to us in the SEC Championship and to Texas A&M this year.  They managed to come back and win, as we are all painfully well aware.  I did get the sense that the Alabama sideine was dejected and didn’t have the positive body language they’ve had in those games.  But I was listening to Dan Patrick this morning while running out to get some coffee, and he was saying last night was two teams, one had to be there and one wanted to be there.

Sure, Alabama wanted to play for a National Title.  But to make comments like that, it just discredits the awesome job Bob Stoops and his team did.  Alabama didn’t lay down and quit.  They did score 35 points after all.

Why can’t they just say that Oklahoma outplayed and outcoached Alabama?  I still think Alabama is the best team in America, would beat just about any team 10 times out of 10, or at worst 8 or 9 times out of 10.  But on January 2, 2014 in New Orleans, Oklahoma played a phenomenial game.  And deserves credit.

Saying one team didn’t want to be there is a slap in the face of the great job Oklahoma did.


PS…I can’t stand Bob Stoops.  But that doesn’t diminish the great job.


1 Response to “Don’t You Love The (Sports) Media?”

  1. 1 Signal Mtn Dawg January 3, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    We can debate how meaningful bowl games are…..but to me, they matter. Anytime you suit up and keep score they matter.

    you think beating Georgia was meaningless to Nebraska?

    you think uga beating Texas in the cotton bowl was meaningless?

    You think UGA losing 3 of their last 4 bowl games is meaningless to the fans who travel, buy tickets and support this program?

    Richt is a better than average coach based on the last 4 years performance. I pick 4 years as this is a players class cycle not including redshirt. I no longer consider him top tier. We have lost 18 games in the last 4 years.
    1 -3 in bowl games….but I guess that does not matter.

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