Airing of Grievances

I’m back from a brief sabbatical.  This time of year is always busy with work travel and closing out some end of the year business.  Plus, a sick little girl battling ear infections and Christmas shopping have kept old man Corbindawg busy the last few weeks.

But I’m back for today before taking a few days off for Christmas.  Before I aired my grievances, I wanted to start with something positive.

I struggle with being “that guy”, but I just gotta say, I am one proud daddy.  My little girl is about 11 months old, and Christmas this year is extra special.  My wife and I didn’t go crazy buying stuff, as the boxes and wrapping paper will hold her attention at this time.  But just having a young one at this time makes my favorite time of the year even more special.  I love my daughter more than anything on this planet, and more than I thought would be possible.  People with children understand this special feeling I know; those without kids just wait.  It is the best feeling ever.  I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about having a kid.  But now I couldn’t imagine life without my little girl.

OK, now on to the grievances…

* The Bill Shanks radio show stinks.  He couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if he had a hot date with a babe.

*While I was OK with bringing Grantham back, this defense really sucked.  And here I thought before the season started that the youth in secondary would mature and continue the storied tradition of excellence from this position group.  For as big as a step forward Ray Drew took this year, Damian Swann took a step back.  The secondary really, really needs to improve and stop making me look bad when I say how good you can be.

*I don’t particularly agree with what Phil Robertson said, but I am sick and tired of hearing about it.  Good grief, Charlie Brown.  I am a big fan of Duck Dynasty.  An off the cuff interview in an article in GQ magazine asks him his opinions, and what do you think the answer would be?  Just like with the Dan Cathy “scandal” last year.  Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday.  Their religious beliefs are pretty clear.  What do you expect the response to be?  I don’t have a problem with A&E suspending Phil; he has the freedome to say what he wants, and they have the freedom to respond.  But why would anyone be surprised to what Phil said?  Come on, man.  And while I don’t agree totally with Phil, I will continue to watch Duck Dynasty becuase I find it entertaining and refreshing.  I like the fact they pray and are open about their faith.  I’m going to watch Duck Dynasty and eat my Chick-fil-A sandwiches and worry about important stuff like Georiga’s special teams.  Anyone who is bent out of shape one way or another needs to get a life.

*And while I am on the media blowing things out of proportion: I think Santa is white.  He can be black.  He can be whatever you want.

*Is there a bigger waste of time than the Today show?  I wish it would get canceled so my wife would watch something else in the morning while doing her make up.

*I wish I had supreme power to censor what folks who sit around me say.  Yes, sometimes, the Georgia offense is going to go three and out, or even get a play that doesn’t get 4 or 5 yards.  It happens.  You don’t have to cuss out Mike Bobo when it does.

*UGA special teams, I just have a few words:  Clemson.  Tennessee.  Vanderbilt.

*Why are the Falcons building a new stadium, while the Braves are getting shipped to Cobb County? I respect the Braves wanting to move to where the ticket holders are, but if you want to get butts in the seats, why don’t you take the money that you are going to spend on building a new stadium and actually invest in big time talent?  Winning ball games with superstar players will attract fans and sell merchandise.

*I hope UGA gets a new indoor practice facility so everyone would shut up the one time a year it rains and they have to change plans.

*Huggies Diapers…why can’t you stay on good like Pampers?

*Gerber…you have such good baby food flavors in the ones and twos…why such gross flavors in the stage 3?

*I want to watch Christmas movies this time of year…why are they showing the Santa Clause 2 and 3 over and over, and not some other good ones?

*Have we mentioned Bill Shanks sucks?


3 Responses to “Airing of Grievances”

  1. 1 B.A. Baracus December 23, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Dude, my daughter turns 1 tomorrow, and I am *totally* with you on the Huggies.

  2. 2 Ant123 December 23, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    I enjoy your column but I’m disappointed you did not agree with Phil. What he said was spot on.
    While I can’t complain to much about giving Grantham one more year. It does not appear as of now that he will get us in the Elite defense status. By that I mean one that gives up 12 or less points a game. I pretty well gave up on him last year when they obviously had a lot of talent but didn’t play like it. If some of them had NFL on their mind it’s because they had no fear of losing their starting job in college. When a player has to call them out something is wrong.

  3. 3 C.C. LESTERS December 23, 2013 at 7:08 pm


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