Grasping For Silver Linings

Is there a more wasteful group of individuals in sports than bowl selection committees? Other than showing up at the top games of each season in their blazers and getting to watch for free, what do they do?

As we saw Sunday night, they are good for one thing – putting together terrible bowl matchups.

The initial prospect of the Gator Bowl was a good one at an earlier point. Though going back to Jax isn’t what you play for to start the season, the prospect of facing a Michigan or even Iowa was exciting.

That never happened thanks to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl snapping up the Wolverines. Still, Minnesota, a team with one of the better feel-good stories of the year was an option.

But no, the Gator Bowl folks liked last year’s Capital One Bowl so much that they lined up a rematch with the Dawgs and Cornhuskers. No disrespect to Nebraska, but a bowl rematch a year later is good for nobody. Players on both sides I am guessing are not thrilled, and neither are the Georgia fans I know of, for the most part.

Honestly, the crowd for this game stands a good chance of being smaller than a Jaguars game (and I’m a Jags fan, too).

But there are some positives.

Firstly, the Dawg Nation knows this area well. We know where the hot spots up and down the first coast and golden isles are. I mean, it’s an excuse to go back to our favorite WLOCP spots. Personally, I’m looking forward to having some great shrimp at a place below Jax. I won’t name it out of fear that it’ll no longer be a well kept secret, but let’s just say that Kensington Dawg knows all about it as well.

Secondly, it’s great for South Georgia Dawgs. I can understand some fans from Atlanta not making this trip. For me, being a South Georgian, this trip is a great way to visit home and cheer on the Dawgs.

Thirdly, JOONYER!!! That’s right, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will be tossing the coin before kickoff.

Fourth, Taxslayer is based in Augusta. So Georgia is in a bowl game sponsored by a Georgia company.

Fifth, the offseason will be tough and we’ll need a football fix. It’s a great way to get one more game in in-person. As frustrating as the year as been, we’ll miss football when it’s over until next fall.

Go Dawgs, and see you in Jacksonville!

Lugnut Dawg

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