Typical Tech

I won’t dignify Bill Shanks’ latest column in the Macon Telegraph with a link,  and I actually feel dumber after reading it.

I’ll spare you the pain of having to read that crap, but here are some highlights:

Bill Shanks called the Georgia-Georgia Tech programs turkeys becuase the game this weekend didn’t mean anything.  The only thing at stake is the winner can brag about having 8 wins and the loser will have seven wins and five losses, which should make the loser of the game downright angry.

First off, what is on the line is pride, as in any rivalry game.  This game never means anything except a chance for Tech fans to come out of the wood work and make fun of injured players, dead animals, dead announcers and brag about how much money they are going to make.

This game doesn’t mean anything becuase Tech sucks year after year.  It is an important game for Georgia to win, becuase at Georgia we have expectations.  We might fall short of them, but our expectation is to win every game. Even in years where expecations are tempered, we always expect to beat Tech.  Becuase they are Tech.

This game could be a premier rivalry in college football if Tech wasn’t Tech.  Georgia has been ranked high many times going into the Tech game. This game could have more meaning if Tech would hold up its end of the deal more often.

2001:  UGA 19/GT 21
2002:  UGA 5/GT NR
2003: UGA 5/GT NR
2004:  UGA 8/GT NR
2005:  UGA 13/GT 20
2006:  UGA NR/GT 16
2007:  UGA 6/GT NR
2008:  UGA 13/GT 18
2009:  UGA NR/GT 7
2010:  Both NR
2011:  UGA 13/GT  25
2012: UGA 3/GT NR

Only twice since 2001 has Georgia Tech been ranked and Georgia not been.  5 times, Tech has been the unranked team between the two.  5 times since 2001-5!-Georgia has been ranked 8 or better against Tech.  Three times it has been ranked in the top 5.

If Georgia loses Saturday, it will be devistating.  I’ll be pissed for losing to Georgia Tech and losing 5 times this season.  Tech fans will just be pissed about losing to Georgia should they lose.    Since 2001,  Georgia Tech has lost 5 or more games 10 times…every year except 2008 and 2009.  Losing 5 games in a season is the exception to the norm for Georgia; losing 5 games is typical for Georgia Tech.   Shanks tries to elevate Tech’s program while at the same time degrading UGA’s program, suggesting they are equals.

He talks how the Iron Bowl means something, and Georgia-Georgia Tech should too.  For most of the past decade, the Iron Bowl has either featured an irrelevant Auburn or an irrelevant Alabama team.

So win or lose Saturday, Georgia’s program will be in better shape in the long term becuase they are Georgia, and Tech is Tech.

And if Tech wins, they still have the bowl game to get that 5th loss.  You know they won’t disappoint.


PS…the whole Tech thing wasn’t the most absurd thing Shanks wrote.  Shanks went on to mention that Mercer University’s football team was the best football program in the state.  Yes, Mercer who just started up football this season.  Yes, that Mercer with  no scholarships.  Yes, that Mercer.  Bill thinks Mercer is the best pogram in the state. Not taking anything away from the outstanding job Coach Lamb has done in the program’s first year.  But, still.  Come on, man.


1 Response to “Typical Tech”

  1. 1 MaconDawg November 27, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    Every village has its idiot. Ours inexplicably has a radio show and knows literally nothing about college football.

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