Sunday night reflections…or Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good Dawgs?

1. This team is a magnet for misery. It’s almost as if this team is destined for adversity, no matter what it does to avoid it. How many times this year have we been frustrated with Georgia not coming out taking care of business against a lesser opponent? And the one time it all clicks early? You lose one of the most beloved Bulldogs to injury.

2. I mean, how cruel and unfair can you get. It was a night set up to be all about Aaron Murray. Students were dressed in black to honor him. The crescendo was building in the first quarter to either the end of the game of when he left the game in the second half at some point, symbolically handed over the reins to Hutson Mason.

3. Worst of all – Murray could have easily pulled himself out of the game. But doing that isn’t in his makeup. I’d rather have a player pushing themselves beyond the limit than a soft prima dona like Crowell.

4. Reggie Davis looks to be the guy returning punts. Even after a muffed punt, he was back there again. The message was sent – he’s the guy and we’ll keeping sending him out there.

5. What is it with our senior QBs final home game? Murray, Greene and Zeier all had injuries in their final home games.

6. To the moron behind us during the App State game saying that ‘maybe Mason should have been starting all year..’ well you got your wish.

7. Im not too worried about Mason under center against Tech. We beat a Tech team that won the ACC with Joe Cox at QB, for crying out loud.

8. I’m scared to death about our defense this week. The triple option kills you if guys miss assignments or don’t finish plays…this defense has a very bad habit of doing that.

9. A sadness fell over me last night as I pulled onto the loop and headed towards Watkinsville. It’s a whole 10 months until we’ll all be back in Athens for a game, unless you count G-Day. This season has given us a lot of frustrations in Sanford Stadium, but incredible memories Between The Hedges and amongst our tailgating communities as well.

10. Tuck Fech.

Go Dawgs

Lugnut Dawg

3 Responses to “Sunday night reflections…or Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good Dawgs?”

  1. 1 eethomaswfnc November 25, 2013 at 7:31 am

    If we can play assignment football, this team will get it done. We have the players up front to take care of the dive. If Jenkins and Floyd don’t get caught out of position, we can limit Vad Lee and the pitch. This game is about “do your job.”

  2. 2 RW November 25, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    1. Why is UGA magnet for misery? Has to be Coach Richt, karma always wins.
    2. Sickened when Murray selfishly waived off Hutson Mason’s exciting moment of taking over the leadership. Murray had already passed for 4 td’s, what a selfish dude. Oh well, karma got murray a minute later.
    3. I was the moron behind you yelling that Mason was better. Turned out, accoring to ESPN and their QBR thing, I was right. Mason beat Murray again with a better QBR. Turns out YOU are the moron.
    4. Shouldn’t be worried about Mason vs. GT. Mason wons the state records for yards and td’s. And he’s beat Murray every time he’s been on the field head to head in front of fans. He’ll be solid. Then again, any Qb tends to beat GT over the last 11 seasons, big talent gap.
    5. Won’t be sad this off-season. Now that I’ve seen Hutson Mason putting up a 97 qbr, I’ll be thinking about 2014 a lot in the off-season and it will fly by.

    PS. Doubt this post will even make it.

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