Thank you, Seniors

Tonight Between The Hedges, the Bulldog Nation will bid its Sanford Stadium farewell to a group of seniors that will probably go down as the most beloved since the 2004 group that includes the likes of Greene and Pollack.

A quick glance of this group’s list of accomplishments in the past four years shows that Georgia has firmly taken control of beating teams that define success as Bulldogs.

Two SEC East titles

Two New Year’s Day Bowl Games

3-1 against Florida with wins in the last three games.

2-2 against Auburn (with the loss coming on a play pass that’s incomplete 99 times out of 100);

3-1 against Tennessee with wins in the last three games.

3-0 against Georgia Tech and hopefully that’ll be 4-0 after next weekend.

Of course, the figurehead of this group is and will for years be remembered as Aaron Murray, and for very good reason. He’ll be highly revered as not only one of Georgia’s greatest signal-callers, but what he stood for off the field as well.

These seniors, during their time here, elevated Georgia back to what it had lost sight of – an elite program in the SEC. It was one thing in 2002 to 2004 to first move Georgia to the top of the SEC East. But moving this team’s stature up from the dregs of a program that had lost its way is harder to do. And for that, the Bulldog Nation should be forever thankful.

 But perhaps most of all, this group fully understood what it means to be a Bulldog. And there was never, ever any doubt about the fact that the ‘G’ on the side of the helmet meant something special to each and everyone of them.

This program has regained its footing, and for that, this Bulldog says thanks.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg

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