Georgia’s problem is luck….or is it?

It unfortunately becomes a broken record for the Georgia program.

With any loss, the fact that Georgia won’t win a MNC comes up. And shortly after, the back and forth handwringing over ‘we’ll never win a championship with Richt’ quickly ensues.

Usually, Georgia’s bad fortune as inopportune times is brought up. While it’s true that this team needed a break it didn’t get in 2002 and 2007, at what point due you stop blaming bad luck for this program’s shortcomings?

While a tipped pass cost Georgia the 2012 SEC title and very likely the MNC, Georgia was in a position to play from behind because of porous run defense.

Saturday’s heartbreak on The Plains falls on a similar route. Georgia didn’t lose the game on the final play. It lost because it was flat-footed to begin the game and the horrendous start put Georgia in too deep of hole to climb out of despite some incredible heroics from Aaron Murray.

Georgia was outplayed in the first half on both sides of the ball. Luck and pathetic officiating by an official whose name is not worth dignifying have nothing do with that.

Things are going to go wrong in football, as they will in many other things. You are going to have breaks go against you. 

Until this program finds a way to make up for the breaks it doesn’t get, the question of “when is Georgia’s turn to win a MNC’ will continue to be asked. 

Maybe it’s time to scrap “Finish the Drill” in exchange for “No More Excuses?”

Lugnut Dawg



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