Thoughts on Saturday

My ESPN 3 password was screwing up. I live in Macon and WSB blacked out the game in favor of infomercials, and I couldn’t get the game on the dial radio in my house. The only way I could have heard the game was by driving around in my car. So, I had to follow the action on Twitter. So, some 30,000 ft thoughts.

-I wish Murray could have broken the TD record in Jacksonville.

-While on Twitter, I saw a lot of discontent in the early going. If UGA started 31-0 and finished 14-6, there wouldn’t be any discontent.

-Mason was good….but despite what the message boards suggest, Murray is the man.

-One more thought on Murray. He won’t win an SEC Chanpionship, but he is the best quarterback ever to play at UGA. Greene, Shockley, Belue, Stafford are all good. But if I was drafting an “all Georgia” team, Murray would be my pick for QB.

-After sleepwalking early, Georgia beat an inferior team and the back ups got reps. No serious injuries that I know of. Get ready for the task of beating Auburn.

-Speaking on Auburn, the Dawgs can beat the Tigers. Need Gurley at 100%. Marshall threw it only 7 times against Tennessee. I have a feeling we’ll see him throw it a little more.

Other games of note:

-LSU is good…Alabama is just elite. Again. And their offense is the best it’s been under Saban. They are just unbeatable right now.

-Nebraska and Virginia Tech are quickly becoming my least favorite teams to pick. They may supplant Iowa, which is no easy feat.

-While following the Dawgs on twitter, I watched most of the Florida game. I didn’t think they would/should fire Muschamp last week. Don’t know what to think now.



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