Could Trey Burton Be A Factor Saturday?

Something I am worried about in this game, as I mentioned earlier in the week, is Florida using the bye week to insert some wrinkles in their anemic offense. Could they find a way to tweak their offense enough to catch us off guard early in the game?

One player I am afraid of is Trey Burton. Under Muschamp, Burton hasn’t been much of a factor. He made a few big plays for the struggling 2010 Gators-and had his best game ever against Georgia. He had 17 rushes for 110 yards, including a long one of 51. It seemed like in that game if the Gators need a first down, #8 was automatic.

Can Muschamp and company find a way to use Burton effectively? Haven’t done so yet. If there is one weakness that the Georgia defense has, it is containing a mobile quarterback (it was hard narrowing it down to one).

Keep an eye on #8 Saturday.



1 Response to “Could Trey Burton Be A Factor Saturday?”

  1. 1 66DAWGnNC October 30, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    One thing you could count on from Urban in this game was a few wrinkles after the bye week. Muschamp has already hinted at “tweaking” a few things and Burton could be a big part of that. Our D needs to be on its toes for 60 minutes. Richt has never been one for gadgets and trick plays, only on rare occasions. There was the onside kick against USCe that caught me off guard and certainly caught the Gamecocks off cackle. Since we can not snap it accurately on a punt, I suggest either snapping it to an up-back and let him throw it or run it, or just leave the O in and go for it. We might stand a better chance of NOT giving up a cheap score. What do you think CD?

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