Another Comment on Injuries

I don’t think I want to keep on beating this dead horse about injuries, but another thought popped in my head.

I think the widespread injury situation has caused a lot of damage to the season.  Some of the more blood thirsty fans out there will say it is an excuse, but I think there is a lot to it.

Here is something I have heard a friend of mine say in regards to the injuries:

Yeah, but injuries are part of football and you have to have guys step in and make plays.

To the credit of the players and the coaching staff, they are not using injuries as an excuse.  But I am a fan and I can do so.

Yes, injuries are a part of football.  Every team has to deal with an injury at some point during the season.  Georgia dealt with injuries at wide receivers last year. Alabama lost their All-American Safety Vinnie Sunseri.

But here is the thing I think is getting lost in the mass injury grave…Georgia already dealt with injuries this year and was able to do just fine.

How many teams could lose a dynamic, explosive playmaker like Malcolm Mitchell?  He was one of the most explosive players in the SEC. He was injured on what, the 4th play from scrimmage for the Georgia offense?  Georgia’s offense did just fine in his absense and scored 40 against Carolina and 44 against LSU.

Todd Gurley missed 3/4 of the LSU game.  How many other teams could lose their starting runningback, much less the best runningback in College footabll and the best runningback to play at Georgia in 30 years, and still put up a win against LSU? Yet Georgia did so.

So, again, injuries are a part of the game.  But I think it is only fair to point out that Georgia already had enough injuries to critical positions to last them a whole season.

The situation now is just unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

So if you get a hold of a fan who says all the injuries are an exuse, remind them that our depth at skill positions in the first place is the only reason we were able to beat South Carolina and LSU.



6 Responses to “Another Comment on Injuries”

  1. 1 Vineyarddawg October 25, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Absolutely no question. This season is now analogous to 1965 or 1977, which were both seasons in which the Dawgs were absolutely decimated due to injuries to key players. 2013 can’t be held against anyone on this coaching staff. (Or, well, at least not on the offensive side of the ball. And the Vandy game can’t be held against the defense staff due to the horrible officiating.) The scholarship limitations mean that after you take off the top layer of elite players, there’s just not a ton of separation between the best SEC schools and the middle of the pack. When you take away 5 or 6 of our best players on offense, Georgia just isn’t that much better than a healthy Ole Miss, Tennessee, or even Vanderbilt.

    If Todd Gurley can come back at 100%, we have a chance to win out. He’s just that much of a difference-maker at his best. At this point, though, I’d be happy with just beating Florida (and Appy State and UK, of course). I’d say an 8-4 regular season (probably with an Auburn loss) would actually be a major accomplishment at this point. 7-5 is more likely, though.

    (And that 8-4 record would probably earn us a berth in the Peach Bowl against someone like Va. Tech/Miami or the Gator Bowl against someone like Northwestern.)

    • 2 Jeremy Rogers October 25, 2013 at 2:54 pm

      I don’t think it will matter that Gurley is 100% if we can’t do something to drastically turn around performance of Special Teams. IMO our record could be 7-0 or 6-1 at worst w/o the disastrous play from ST. Not sure why greater importance hasn’t been placed on improving this aspect but it has consistently bit us in ass & puts entire team at disadvantage. Combined w injuries this has proven too much to overcome (along w officiating in Vandy gm). Don’t know how rest of season will play out but really think steps should be taken to get as much experience for young players as possible. Not giving up on season but think it would be disservice to returning players if we don’t use the unfortunate situation we are in to make sure 2014 season reaches it’s potential. What’s done is done & gotta look to future if wanna forget the past!

      Most people will probably say I am way off to think this way but I am trying to find something positive that can be away from truly unfortunate situation we find ourselves in.

  2. 3 reipar October 25, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Reminds me of 1995 when Hines Ward started at WR, TB, and QB in the same season. If I remember correctly at the Vandy game we started Torin Kirtsey who was our 5th or 6th string tailback at the start of the year.

  3. 4 So. IL Dawg October 25, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    If USC upsets the Tigers, we are right back in the hunt for ATL. With that loss, the Tigers still have A&M, UT, UK, and @ Ole Miss. they could easily lose two of those. The door would be cracked open ever so slightly. Let’s pull for USC this weekend and see what happens. GO DAWGS!!!

  4. 5 AthensHomerDawg October 26, 2013 at 11:17 am

    Torin Kirtsey showed up big for the Auburn game. Somewhere my youngest son has a football with his and Edwards signature on it. Too bad Kirtsey couldn’t stop disconnecting that smoke detector in his room. Almost landed at uSC. I wonder if they would have taken him at LSU.

  1. 1 Dawg Treats – Saturday | Bulldawg Illustrated Trackback on October 26, 2013 at 2:00 am

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