The Rest Of The Story

I don’t want it seem like I am glossing over the special team mistakes and the role they played in the loss against Vanderbilt.

Do you realize that 4 games this season, there has been a bad snap on a punt that has led to the opposing team to score?  South Carolina, North Texas, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt.  To me, one of the biggest surprises of the season so far is that when UGA had to punt twice out of its endzone in consecutive possessions against Missouri, the punts went off cleanly.  If there ever was a time to messs it up, that was it!

But, I contend that even with the special teams errors against Vanderbilt, the injury situation played a huge role.  It is too easy to point to one facet when lots of things went wrong.

The defense has given up 30+ points in 8 out of the last 9 games, the only game with fewer than 30 was the North Texas game.  Against BCS competetion, the defense has given up 30 or more 8 times in the past 8 games.  Now, I know its not entirely fair to lay all the blame of Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and South Carolina on the defense, as Special teams errors played a large roll in those scores.  But still.  Damn.

But also consider this:

Going back almost a calendar year, in 8/9 games prior to the Tennessee game (the lone exception was Alabama), the Georgia offense scored 35 or more points in each game since the Ole Miss game last year.

So, I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that if Georgia had Todd Gurley, they would have scored more points against Vanderbilt.  Gurley is the best tailback in America and I think having him in the game would be enough for Georgia to have another score or two against Vanderbilt that would have made those other mistakes seem like a thorn in the side, but it wouldn’t have mattered becuase the Dawgs would have won.  David Ching does an excellent job breaking down lack of production and missing explosive plays in the offense this season.

I mean, we can complain all we want to, but how many of you were really all that upset about the muffed punt after South Carolina?  We won.

it may sound like an excuse.  Maybe it is.  But with all the other issues facing the team, any talk about the Dawgs and the losses that focuses on just defene and special teams that doesn’t also focus on the injuries-specifically to Todd Gurley-is not complete.



3 Responses to “The Rest Of The Story”

  1. 1 Brandon October 23, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Winning solves (numbs) all problems. One could make an argument we win the game without Gurley if Dumbass official #7 doesn’t throw the targeting on Ramik on the 4th down play. We take over up 2 possessions and can run some clock. Therefore if that one penalty isn’t thrown… Is everyone praising the defense for making the big play, getting a few turnovers, and holding vandy to 20ish points? (if they score again, without short fields, I’m not so sure that they do). Instead everyone is calling for Grantham’s head. Funny how one special teams mistake, injury, or even decision by a zebra can flip everyone’s opionions on something that none of the above affected flip upside down

  2. 2 johnny October 23, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    our defense stinks,our special teams stink,now with all the injuries our offense stinks any questions?

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