Can’t Overcome Everything

When you have an awesome defense with All-Americans at every position group and a few NFL first and second round draft picks, the offense can be vanilla and conservative like it was for Georgia back in 2003.

When you have a lot of talent on your team, it can overcome bad coaching like the defense did in 2005 and 2006.

When the defense is full of play makers and future NFL talent that can single handidly change a game with an explosvie play (Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Rambo, Williams), the defense can overcome not being fundamentaly sound with all those individual playmakers.

If you don’t constantly shoot yourself in the foot, a team can overcome bullshit calls from the officials.

If an offense is dynamic and firing on all cylinders, you can overcome mediocre (at best) defense and Washington Generals type Special Teams play.

But, an offense that is basically the scout team at skill positions + an already medicore defense down three starters for the majority of the game + continued bad special teams play + very bad calls + probably the worst coaching since the 2010 Liberty Bow l= giving up a 13 point 4th quarter lead to Vanderbilt.   It was all too much to overcome.

My mind is in two different places today.  Let’s ask a series of questions…

If Todd Gurley plays, does Georgia win?

If two of the following four play, does Georgia win:  Keith Marshall, Michael Bennett, Justin Scott-Wesley, Malcolm Mitchell?

If that horrible call that extended a Vanderbilt drive isn’t called, does Georgia win?

I think the answer to all those is yes.  Gurley is the best running back in America and just having a couple of competent skill position players would make a huge difference.  The third question is yes, becuase you would have just gottten a stop on 4th down and instead, Vandy gets the ball back on our own 15 yard line.

Here are some other questions that are going through my head:

1.  I get the injuries, but isn’t two weeks enough time to find a way to score more than 20 points on offense?

2.  Why would you go vanilla and not let one of the best QBs in SEC history take the game over himself?

3.  What happend to Quayvon Hicks in the passing game?

4.  What happened to Arthur Lynch?

5.  How hard is it to long snap to the punter?

1.  Yes, it should be.  2.  I still can’t figure this one out.  3.  Who knows.   4. & 5.  See #2.

A lot of things went wrong on Saturday.  Can’t overcome everything with the team we fielded.  Not even against lowly Vanderbilt, apparently.

I am not calling for anyone’s head.  Not my style and I won’t start now.  I find it especially disingenuous to do so after everyone in the country and the Bulldog Nation was praising Richt and company three weeks ago, and most of us were praising the job he did holding the team together in Knoxville two weeks ago.  Call me a Disney Dawg if you’d like, but I am not going to flip flop on that subject.  Lots of people are, but don’t count me in that.  I think it should be noted that South Carolina lost Connor Shaw and lost to Tennessee.  The previous week, they played without Clowney and Kentucky hung with them.  Georgia is playing with much less and won a close one and lost two close ones.  Florida is in the same boat.  They have lost tons of players also and have gotten beaten handidly the last two weeks.

Losing sucks.  It damn sure does.  But all hopes for something special this season went out the window in Knoxville and then the next week against Missouri.  Like I said last week, sit back and enjoy the ride.  The only thing left to do is beat Florida in two weeks.  Nothing else matters.






4 Responses to “Can’t Overcome Everything”

  1. 1 AthensHomerDawg October 21, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    If we lost Walker, Woerner, and Scott… do we win the NC in 1980?

  2. 2 Will Trane October 21, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    No injuries on the O lilne. Many say the 1980 O line was best in history. Green had more yards against UT than Walker did in their first on the road varsity game.
    But how did an O line that South Carolina quit in the final 0 minutes turn around and quit against Vandy. 3 3 and outs. Not concerned about the passing game re FBs and TEs like the crowd who follow the bell cow. Where are those guys in a run game. And where was the O staff for Vandy. We got outcoached at Vandy, plain and simple. No inuries on the O line and there is some depth, but in closling minures the O had not running game re gap blocking, either inside or out. But they maybe due to frosh at RBs, but some of us do not think so. Not with the experience of this O line and QB. Go back and look at the play call on AMs roll out into the endzone. If ands and buts we candy and nuts, think not, just some good old fashion in your face blocking would have carried the day even against those 4 & 5 star D playerd Vandy had. Think not, call the old ball coach and asked him about the O line. His response, they made out asses quit for 9 minutes in the 4th quarter. Sorry do not put that game on targeting and injuries. We are better than that at UGA!

  3. 3 Sanford222view October 21, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    My only explanation for why we went vanilla on offense is our depleted WR corps does not scare anyone and can be covered man to man leaving the front 7/8 to attack the run. Bobo doesn’t trust the OL to pass protect long enough to let Murray throw down the field anymore either. Especially against speed rushers.

    He had better learn to though as we won’t win another game outside of App St. and maybe Kentucky if all we can do is run the ball and throw quick outs or slants.

  4. 4 ron October 21, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    I agree. No way a team can lose its best players and win. Just ask Mizzou & Vandy….

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