Time To Punt

Excuse the irony in using this expression, but it is time for us fans to drop back and punt.

I just hope we don’t bobble the snap.

This team is out of the race for a National Championship, and unless we win the SEC Championship game, the BCS altogether.

Life’s about expectations.  I expected Georgia to lose on Saturday, so it made the sting of the loss easier to bear. Now, just because I expected to lose, it didn’t mean I bad mouthed the guys on the team or the coaches at every chance I got.    Unlike the white trash skank who sat behind me who said at halftime “I wish I had just stayed at home if I was going to see this crap.  At least I would be in the AC and could turn the TV off.”

I wish you had left too, consequently.

But you have to think reasonable. This team in its current state is not going to Pasadena and will be lucky to make it to Atlanta in December and either Tampa or Orlando January 1.

How bad is it?  The damn G banner that the team runs through messed up Saturday.  That was an omen of things to come.

Just because I am dropping back and punting with my expectations, it doesn’t mean I am quitting on the team, or calling for coaches heads, or demanding we play Hutson Mason.

There is no ill will or bad feelings towards this team.  As opposed to years past, I don’t think you can question what the coaching staff is doing (well, at least half of them), and you certainly can’t question the heart and soul of the team, Aaron Murray.   This Georgia team has heart and resolve that many of their predeccessors did not have.

To win the SEC or make it back to Atlanta, we are now worse for the wear than a year ago.  There is time to get some guys back and make another run.

But I love this team’s fight, and I will continue to stand by them.  I don’t care about bowl games, or trips to Atlanta.

Regardless of wins or losses, I still think there is something special about this group.

So I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride, wherever that leads us.



1 Response to “Time To Punt”

  1. 1 BMac October 14, 2013 at 11:37 am

    I don’t care about bowl games (Including the imaginary national championship picked by some computer formula and media bias), but I do care about trips to Atlanta. Our main goal every year is to win the SEC Championship and most fans have lost sight of that. For whatever reason now it is National Title or bust. The SEC is the best conference in the land and we still have as good a shot as any to win the East and have another shot at winning the SEC. And any fan that would consider an SEC Championship season a disappointment is a damned fool. GO DAWGS!

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