Final Thoughts on Saturday

Working on re-screening my porch yesterday, so didn’t have much of a chance to write anything down about Saturday. But here are a few thoughts:

*The G banner didn’t work out too good as the team ran out.  That was a sign of things to come.  I mean, the secondary sucks, the special teams are a roller coaster of emotion, but the Arch Society people gotta fix holding the banner up. If high school cheerleaders can hold these banners up all across the state and not have issues, I would expect the men and women of the Arch to be able to hold a banner too.

*I was going to do a post last week about how good QB play can overcome average wide receivers.  I am glad I didn’t, becuase I would have been wrong.  The leading receiver on Saturday?  Brendan Douglas caught the most passes, having 6.  Douglas and J.J. Green had 5, giving the two backs 11 of Murray’s 25 completions.  There was not much trust in the vertical passing game.

*Of course, Murray seemed like he was under constant pressure.

*I am surprised Jay Rome didn’t catch a pass, and Lynch only had two catches.

*However, Murray is just one man and can’t do it all by himself.  The first pick sealed the game, and the last one was just desperation.  His fumble, can’t put it on him.

*The defense finally made some plays on 3rd down, but it seemed like whenever they got a stop in 2nd half, there was a penalty that kept the drive going.

*Whatever Mark Richt said at halftime worked.  The team just ran out of it in the 4th quarter.

*Kudos to Coach Pinkel and his staff.  Missouri played great football on Saturday.  Also, how much respect does he have for the Georgia team that he wasn’t content with an 8 point lead and running out the clock on that drive after the Murray interception.   They were throwing the ball trying to get in the endzone again to ice the game.  He didn’t want to leave anything to chance.  That wide receiver pass was well timed and perfect call also.

*Missouri was looking for that marquee SEC victory.  Wasn’t an injury depleted, emotionally drained UGA team just the right medicine for them?  It might be a year late, but what I wrote a year ago about being cuatious on letting an upstart team get their signature victory at your expense rang through my mind Saturday.

LIke I said earlier, I am not too despondent over this one.  Kind of felt it coming, and Missouri is legit.  Just enjoy the ride.




1 Response to “Final Thoughts on Saturday”

  1. 1 John H. Barnett October 14, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    I have seen no discernable improvement defensively from Game 1. In addition to the ineptitude of the secondary, Inside LB play is abysmal. Their technique is pathetic. Watch Saturday’s and earlier games and notice how the LBs and Josh Harvey-Clemons, when he is in run support, constantly get pinned inside on plays to their outside because the don’t keep their outside arm free and scrape off blocks. Harvey-Clemons thinks he can run inside of blocks on plays to the outside. No. I won’t even get into pitiful tackling in and the obvious confusion by the secondary in terms of how to line up and whom they should conver. It’s unexceptable to put that poor a product on the field at midseason, youth or no.

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