Shades of the Braves

It’s not really worth much time to go over what happened defensively Saturday. Whatever is said, it may as well be beating a dead horse. This defense is in 2008 territory. Like it or not, that’s what the deal is right now and you’ll may as well adjust to it.

And to think some folks were worried in the offseason that Grantham would leave for the NFL…

The more I think on it, this team is a lot like this year’s Atlanta Braves. Think about that for a minute. This year’s Braves were pretty good and had some dynamic players. But injuries and other flaws were not enough to keep them from being pretty good, but did keep them from being very good.

This team has also been easy to love. Without question, this team has been fun to watch, win or lose. Even when we were down 28-10 and even down by eight points late, you had the feeling that this team was not going to roll over and and would have shot to win it in the end. And that’s how it turned out. In the end, being -4 in turnovers was a killer.

Georgia may not have pulled out a win Saturday – being outplayed and outcoached had a lot to do with that. But if there is anything that Saturday taught us, it’s that this team won’t roll over, regardless of the adversity. And boy, has it had more than its share so far.

It’s easy to walk toward the ledge right now. But if you can somehow beat Vandy this week (It feels odd saying that), Atlanta is still a very real and reachable possibility, even though this team has serious hurdles to fight through.

Lugnut Dawg


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