Why This Game Worries Me

Two weeks ago, it was easy for casual Georgia fans to think that an LSU win would nicely pave the road to Atlanta.

But I knew better. Maybe it is the Larry Munson in me, but I worry about each game. On paper going in, Georgia was miles better than Tennessee. But in unpredictable injuries plus intangibles like Tennessee’s emotion changed that. 

It almost seems as if with each game, the pressure is cooked up a few notches higher. Usually, Mizzou would not be much concern. But this team, even if they have played no one of substance, comes into Athens confident. And when you have a confident team going up against a team decimated by injuries having fresh faces on the field, you are on the verge of a perfect storm.

The early start also makes it hard to feel great about Saturday.

Georgia fans are notorious for not getting wound up until past kickoff for early starts, and this game being at Noon does not help that. You saw against USC east and LSU how the crowd can change the game. If you make the opposition uncomfortable, Sanford Stadium becomes hostile rather than a gathering of friends exchanging kind words to one another. 

And then there is the defense. Whether it’s learning Grantham’s system, inexperience or what, this group worries me. The plan of leaning on the offense to win a shootout almost failed last week. With an rushing attack led by the No. 3 tailback and the top three at WR out, you cannot expect to win shootouts. If it happens, great. But there will come a time where the defense will have to dominate and win the game. It may very well need to be this Saturday.

See you Between The Hedges! 

Lugnut Dawg



1 Response to “Why This Game Worries Me”

  1. 1 PatinDC October 12, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Ugh. Looks like you were right.

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