Georgia can fill WR holes by turning back clock

So, how exactly will Georgia make up for the loss of Justin Scott-Wesley, Michael Bennett (until he returns) and Malcolm Mitchell?

Well, it won’t be easy. With Chris Conley the only proven player who has shown an ability to handle a heavy load, Rhett McGowan, Rantavious Wooten and Reggie Davis will be called up to step up. Can these guys help? I am sure they can. But having step-up type guys won’t account for making up for a lack of production at WR alone.

Georgia can compensate, however, by turning back the pages of playbook to 2005. That year, D.J. Shockley leaned on two tight ends, Leonard Pope and Martez Milner, and it paid dividends with both being among the team’s top five in receiving, combining for 50 catches for 832 yards. In this set, Georgia had one tight end who was a better blocker in Milner, but made sure to harness the catching abilities of both Milner and Pope. They also combined to catch six touchdowns out of the 26 total for the whole team that year. Georgia leaned on the tight end and made it work.  

Now, with Jay Rome healthy, Georgia has an embarrassment of riches at tight end with two players, Arthur Lynch and Jay Rome who would easily be a No. 1 at most schools. While Lynch is more of a threat across the middle, Bobo would be nuts not to carve out some plays downfield for Rome, splitting him out wide and letting him showcase his athleticism.

At times this year, the tight end has been underused for Georgia’s offense. But when you put a second tight end out there, especially if they can be an offensive threat, that is another thing for defenses to compensate for. Of course, it also helps that Jay Rome is close to 100 percent healthy.

How about that. Some good injury news for a change!

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg


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