A Few More Quick Thoughts From Saturday

A lot to get to from Saturday.  Several others have shared their thoughts from the game, and here are some more quick thoughts from the game:

*Anyone who says that the strength program is to blame for the rash of injuries is just looking for an excuse to whine about something.  Mitchell’s was a fluke thing, and so was Justin Scott-Wesley’s.  Bennett has had knee issues, and it is yet to be determined.  But Keith Marshall’s is the one.  You get a 220 lb athlete hitting your knee with explosive speed, and there is bound to be an injury there.  Even an Alabama player would have that happen to them.

*One of the biggest plays of the game was the run by J.J. Green on that final drive.  It was a good run to get 17 yards in a quick play, pick up the first down, AND he got out of bounds to stop the clock.  Great awareness there.

*Coaching-I was talking to Granite this morning, and he brought up a good point.  The defense was gassed in the second half because offense did nothing and put them in bad spots.  That shouldn’t excuse them letting Tennessee score 28 (21) points in the second half and not get any stops, but it is a good point.  And while I wish Bobo would have let Murray throw more, with all that went on, I have a hard time faulting him too much.  It was just an unfortunate situation all the way around.

*I had visions of the Michigan State OT situation.  I didn’t bang on Richt too much for that decision to play for the field goal then, but I was glad we at least tried to advance the ball some Saturday.

*Murray’s 57 yard run three plays after the blocked punt for the game tying touchdown was awesome. You expect your senior quarterback to make plays, but what he did was awesome.

*Final comment:  simply put, this game was one that Georgia would lose a few years ago.  Tennessee is a team that still doesn’t know how to win.  Georgia knows how to win.

Think back to Kentucky 2009, South Carolina, Colorado, and Mississippi State in 2010.  In those games, and there might be others, but I can recall Washaun Ealey or Caleb King fumbling late in the game or at times when they were about to score a TD.  This Georgia team with all of its experience and leadership knows what it takes to get a victory.

More to come later.  But glad to get a victory, just heartbroken on the toll it took on our guys.  Forget what it means for the team. Individually for them, it really sucks.

Hopeful for a speedy and full recovery for Justin Scott-Wesley and Keith Marshall.



3 Responses to “A Few More Quick Thoughts From Saturday”

  1. 1 AthensHomerDawg October 7, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    There were so many gutsy plays but as Bernie pointed out earlier- that 3rd and 6 by Douglas with 57 clicks left on the clock was huge! It was bigger than huge… it was ginormous! We were 2 out of 10 on 3rd down conversions at that point in the game. AND Douglas had just dropped a pass on 2nd and 6. Douglas then rambled from the 46 all the way to the 15. That was a “Hunker Down” moment right there sports fans. And for all the Eeyore Dawgs that have to whine that it shouldn’t have been this close. Remember that undefeated Alabama team that won a natty beat a 7-6 uT at home by two points. And they were glad to call it a day.
    just sayin’
    oh and Conley”s one handed grab in the end zone doesn’t get enough love. It was worthy of “AJ Green at Colorado” comparisons. We got us some football players!
    oh, oh… does anyone really believe that a playoff series determines the best team. Seriously, without all our injuries uT ain’t even in this thing. Are they?
    oh, oh, oh,… no one is gonna blame S&C on the injuries. If they do they are being sarcastic and should post sarcasm quotes around it. If they are serious … well then… you tell ’em I’m coming. 😉

  2. 2 paul October 7, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Our offense has been awesome all year. Even our two and three deep guys come in and make spectacular plays. Murray has been cool as a cucumber, never trying to do too much but always doing more than enough. He is confident and calm, a true fifth year senior leader. Our defense has been mostly wretched. Halfway through the season our guys are often misaligned, confused, still trying to make adjustments or sprinting on or off the field as the ball is snapped. I know we’ve played some good teams but something isn’t right. We need to be and ought to be better prepared than we appear to be. I believe we have the players with the skills to get the job done, but for whatever reason, it has yet to come together. I know they’re young. Our young players are stepping up on offense. We need to see some of the same on the other side of the ball. Reasonably competent defenses don’t give up three fourth down conversions on one drive. Third and Willie is now third and Grantham. That’s not good. In essence, we’re playing Big 12 football. Problem is, we’re in the SEC. We have to get our act together defensively. And quick.

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