Sunday thoughts

1. First of all, can you image Munson calling this game?

“We just saved our watchamcallits by the skin of the toothbrush! No, no we didn’t Ol’ Lady Luck saved us! My God, we’re not going to have anybody left to play Missouri next week!” 

2. It’s work so far, but this defensive strategy of hoping your offense can outscore the other side? That works great as long as your offense is not depleted. The defense had to make a play in overtime, but luckily for its sake, Pig Howard became grip-challenged near the goal line. 

There is NO excuse for an offense that has looked as anemic at times as UT’s has to have success against a defense with the talent Georgia’s has. We’re at the halfway point of the season, more or less. At some point, the lack of experience excuse needs to became invalid. 

3. I’m going to invoke a name I despise. Tim Tebow. As much as I cannot still stand the guy, Tebow became who he was because he took the team on his back and said, ‘let’s go guys, who’s coming with me?’ Sure Murray has had bigger games in some respects, but you would be very hard pressed to find many who could do what he did Saturday with a highly depleted group of personnel.

4. Georgia is fixing to make some major hay with its offensive recruits. Last signing day, it was hard to get excited about AJ Turman, JJ Green or Brendan Douglas. When you have guys like Marshall and Gurley, your thought on newcomers is diminished. Sure you are glad to have them, but you also figure that they will learn the system and be a factor in two years or so. Well thanks to Tennessee’s latest weapon, Neyland’s cursed turf, these youngsters are not only asked to help out, but tote the mail. With Gurley 50/50, you have to consider the chance of JJ Douglas being your running game this week.

At receiver, your top receivers are now Chris Conley and Rantavious Wooten followed by Reggie Davis. The good news is both are coming off a strong game. But having Bennett and Scott-Wesley on the sidelines (let’s hope Bennett returns soon) gives you a drop-off. It is fine and well to say, ‘burn redshirts,’ but it’s tough to lean on guys who have not played much if not at all.   

5. How in the world will be beat Mizzou? They just hung 50-plus points on Vandy. I don’t care if its only Vandy, anytime an offense is confident coming to your house that’s dangerous thing, especially when you have not been sharp defensively. 

The noon kickoff also makes me nervous. Sanford is notoriously slow to get going for early games. Let’s change that this Saturday.

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg


1 Response to “Sunday thoughts”

  1. 1 GT October 7, 2013 at 3:17 am

    Yep. Grizerd woulda had to go back in a stall and died. Almost did the same. Need some Erskine, again, please.

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