Fans The Difference For the LSU Game

I want to say this.

I have been, appropriately, hard on our overall fan base since the inception of this blog.  One of the first posts I ever did was about fans who boo the team the last time LSU came to town.  From the overall negative overtures, to booing, to not being loud enough at Sanford, there are many reasons for me to be critical.

I watch a lot of football on TV and have been to many hostile environments.  I find myself often thinking, “Why can’t Sanford Stadium be like this?”

However, when a good deed is done, it must be commended.  I am nothing if I am not fair.

LSU at Georgia, September 28, 2013 will go down as one of the all-time great games and crowds in the history of Sanford Stadium.

I thought the South Carolina crowd was awesome, but what happened on Saturday blew it out of the water.

This was the loudest I have ever seen a crowd.  The student section SHOWED UP EARLY.  Not an empty seat at kick off.  The alumni were standing up.  It was loud and raucous.  And whoever decided to give out pompoms, it was brilliant.  It is the little things, I suppose.  I hope that continues.  It needs to.  That provided a good visual.

I had a thought.  When it was 3rd and 22 on the LSU 13, before they converted (more on that in later posts), I thought the stadium was going to bust at the seams.  I had a thought as the crowd was going nuts.  We were in close proximity to the Geography Building, and I thought that if UGA were to get a sack or a turnover, much less a stop, then Sanford Stadium would explode and register an earthquake like LSU did against Auburn 25 years ago.

Georgia opened at -3 and stayed that way all week.  Vegas was saying on a neutral field, the teams would be even.  Look at the box score.  Everything-total yards, time of possession, turnovers, penalties, etc. were pretty much even Steven.  If that game had been on the road, I bet Georgia would have lost.

But Georgia won by 3.  Vegas nailed it.  And the fans delivered.  In an epic game with two heavy weight teams going toe to toe, the atmosphere was the difference.

Kudos to the fans.



1 Response to “Fans The Difference For the LSU Game”

  1. 1 wilk September 30, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    I don’t expect my voice to return until Wednesday. Kind of like Gurley’s ankle, it’s day-to-day. Sanford rocked!!.

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