LSU Big Game For the Program

Back in August, I posted that the LSU game was the biggest game of the big stretch we had in the first month of the season.

It is turning out to be right.  Georgia needs this win to help advance in the SEC and to keep any National Title hopes alive.

Also, if we want to beat Alabama, LSU plays a similar style of football to the Crimson Tide.  LSU will be a measuring stick to see how we would stack up to Alabama.

But this game is big for another reason.

The perception in the region and nationally that the SEC is the best conference in football.  I can’t disagree with that.  The further perception is that there is LSU and Alabama (you migh can even put Florida in this category due to their recent success nationally).  Then you have Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas A&M in that close but no cigar tier.  Then there is everyone else.  I can’t really disagree with that.

I think Georgia is at top 10 or even top 5 team.

But for the program to advance to that upper tier, someone has to beat the big dogs and make a statement. Georgia is perceived to be not ready for prime time.  It is justified in some regards.

A loss on Saturday still keeps the SEC hopes alive.  I honesty won’t be despondent if we lose.  Hell, there is no shame in losing to worthy opponent.  It would suck.  Believe me, it would suck.  I want to win in the worst kind of way.  But it won’t be embarrassing like the losses to Central Florida or Colorado were (unless, you know, we are embarrassed).

Georgia has got to beat one of the prime time players to be considered among the SEC elite.

A victory puts the Dawgs among the nation’s and SEC’s elite.

A loss just shows we still aren’t quite ready for the big stage.


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