The most important game of Richt’s career?

Mark Richt’s career at Georgia has been nothing short of successful. And with that success, which has included multiple SEC title and SEC title game appearances, have come critical games – the 2001 Tennessee game, 2002 Auburn, 2007 Auburn and last year’s Florida game come to mind. 

But today, I would argue may be the most important game of Richt’s time at Georgia. The win over Auburn in 2002 got Georgia over the hump and to Atlanta, and the win over Arkansas capped off the formality of an SEC title. The two-game Florida to Auburn stretch put Georgia into the national title conversation in 2007, and the last two Florida games got Georgia to Atlanta.

But those two Florida games got Georgia back up to the upper crust of the conference. Today may very well determine the future course of this program. Was last year’s title run a flash in pan or not? The bottom line is that if Georgia loses today, any hopes of a SEC East title are very very much done more than likely. 

If Georgia wins, it is still an elite SEC contender. If not, this program will be defined as a team whose success was helped largely by a weak conference schedule the last two seasons. If it wins today, on the other hand, this program will be firmly supplanted at the top of the SEC.

Top of the line program or mid-pack. That identity will be carved out later today.

Go Dawgs and Eat More Chicken!

Lugnut Dawg


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