Shortest South Carolina Preview On The Internet

I wasn’t optimistic about beating Clemson, and despite some concerning things that transpired, the way to beat Carolina hasn’t changed as it did before the season began. {1}

We are going to hear all week what Georgia needs to do, but I’ll save you a lot of time.  {2} In 8 sentences, I will tell you exactly what needs to happen for Georgia to emerge Saturday as victors. {3}

One thing cannot happen:
1.  Aaron Murray is going to turn the ball over (that is just something we are going to have to live with), but they can’t be crippling turnovers. {4}

And just one of the following must happen:

2. You can’t stop Clowney, but you have got to limit his damage and not let him take over the game. {5}
3. Keep Connor Shaw in the pocket.  {6}
4. Stop the run. {7}

Simply put, one thing can’t happen and one out of three things must happen for Georgia to defeat the Gamecocks. {8}


ps.  I could do a one word preview that would simply be the word “Pray”, but that would be lazy.


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