Art Imitates Life

If there is any further proof you need to see that the EA Sports NCAA football video games uses player likenesses, I have it for you.

The other day I came across the old NCAA football game. Back in college, we used to play it all the time. I mean, like so many of you, we were into it. Granite and I would each create our own playbooks and make our audibles. We’d always do Georgia-Georgia. I’d tend to air it out a little more, but Granite is old school and likes his “3 yards and a cloud of dust” plays. A highlight was the time between final exams and when we’d leave for Christmas. Not much was going on, so we’d print off the Bowl matchups and play those. We’d have the right stadiums on the game so we’d play the Poinsettia Bowl and flip a coin to see who had to be Navy.

There are no telling how many hours were spent drinking cold beer and playing NCAA during a 4.5 year college career.

I bought the game for the old Playstation 2 for the last time in 2009.

Anyway, I came across the old game the other day and it had been a while since I played. So I dusted off the old Playstation 2 (which is on its last leg) and fired it up. I played with Georgia, and I was reminded of something.

Georgia sucked that year.

The last time I played, I went through and subbed the right people for the 2010 season the best I could, since I didn’t buy the game for 2010 (I don’t even think they made it for the Playstation 2). They were awful. I reset the depth chart so I could play as it was intended. They were awful. I had set up some time to play (the wife was watching some reality TV on Bravo in the bedroom so I had the big TV), so I still played. But I fun and ran the option with Oregon.

True video game style.

Then it hit me. EA Sports got it pretty right.



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