The Progression of Rebuilding The Secondary

Sean Jones. Thomas Davis. Greg Blue. Tra Battle. Kelin Johnson. (memory hazy). Bacarri Rambo. Shawn Williams.

Bruce Thornton. Decory Bryant. Demario Minter. Tim Jennings. Paul Oliver. Asher Allen. (memory hazy). Brandon Boykin. Sanders Commings. Damian Swann

In truth, my memory isn’t all that hazy. The Bryan Evans/Prince Miller era of the UGA secondary is certainly not the bright spot of the past five or six years.

Think back to May, 2007. I was driving through Atlanta when I heard on 680 the Fan Paul Oliver-the hero of the 2006 UGA-Tech game who shut down the mighty Calvin Jonhson-was ruled academically ineligable for 2007. Oh no! What ever were we going to do? I belive a young man named Asher Allen stepped up and filled that role rather nicely for a couple of years.

Over the years, the UGA secondary seemed to constantly reload every year…under the guidance of Willie Martinez, mind you. That is why I am not overly thrilled about him being back in the SEC. The man was clearly over his head as defensive coordinator but as a position coach and teacher of the game he does have a good track record.

Anyway, there is a blemish there around 2008-2010. But, recruiting has improved and you’ve got some good players coming in. Damian Swann stepped in nicely for Bradon Boykin last season as a sophomore.

If we are to believe that Coach Grantham and Coach Lakatos are as good recruiters and teachers as they appear to be (and Lakatos’ track record is very strong), then there should be some good talented players waiting in the wings. And the impact shouldn’t be that far off.

We worry about the inexperienced secondary against Clemson. Rightly so. But I’d be curious to see if names like Tray Matthews, Josh Harvey-Clemons, Brendan Langley, Shaq Wiggins and Shaquillle Fluker can, as Larry Munson says in the pregame video, assume the reigns of their Georgia forebears listed above. To assume that traditon.

I think they can. They have to.


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