Simple Solution to Autographs

You’ve seen reports in the media following the controversy surrounding Johnny Football and his Johnny Hancock. After this, several schools are now banning outside items brought into fan days to be signed. In the case of UGA, Florida, and other schools, this has been a common practice for years.

Emerson had a story a couple weeks ago and Mark Richt said something like the players are friendly and are willing to sign something if someone approaches them in the grocery store.

I have an easy solotuion to curb any potential pitfalls: only have personalized autographs. I’ve got two Mark Richt autographs and both are personalized. I think this would mean much more to the indvidual, and it would cut out on the potential re-sale value.

My brother-in-law has an autographed Jack Davis print from the 1980 Championship team, with Uga holding the final AP rankings. It is autographed by the entire team and Jack Davis himself. Herschel Walker signed it and his signature is clearly the biggest. You’ve might have seen this, I’ve seen others around. On this particular one, Herschel also personalized it.

My brother-in-law was curious one day about the value of such an item. He would never in a million years want to resale it, but he just wanted to know how much something like it was worth. When he was in a sports memorabilia store he asked the owner the value of such an item. I can’t remember the dollar value, but since it was personalized, unless you are willing to find a buyer with the exact same name, then it is pretty worthless to a collector.

Having an autograph “To X” would be harder to pop up on Ebay than a thousand little autographed helmets.

Not a silver bullet to solve the problem (nor does it begin to address the inherent unfairness of an person able to profit from their own name or signature), but it is a simple way to avoid potential NCAA infractions.



1 Response to “Simple Solution to Autographs”

  1. 1 T August 15, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    I have an autographed Herschel helmet that he personalized for me. I would not sell it for nothing. Great idea.

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