How To Get A Large Pop

The news of Kolton Houston gaining his eligability is welcomed news for Dawg fans and fans of College football.  One, the Dawgs have the deepest offensive line in recent memory.

The woes on the offensive line seem to never go away.  Every year, it seems that the talk in the preseason is “Well, Georgia has a good enough offensive line, but boy if Player X gets hurt, we are in a world of hurt.”  There is always that “as long as there are no injuries” caveat when discussing the offensive line.

That booger bear is one of Richt’s biggest blemishes in his career.  Either through injury, suspension, other attrition or just flat out misses on the recruiting trail, the offensive line numbers generally just haven’t been there.  Going into 2013, the depth is a welcomed problem to have.

For college football fans, the NCAA finally used common sense and good judgement-even though it took 3 years to do it.  Better late than never.

I don’ t know if Kolton Houston will be ready to play or contribute in a signifigant manner early on in the season.  But here is what I would like to see happen:

Saturday, September 7, when they are announcing the starting line ups, put Kolton in.  Let him trot out there the first play of the game.  Run Gurley the opposite side or something where he won’t be all that involved.  Then, take him out.  But let him get that starting nod and I gurantee you, hold off his name for the end like it’s usually reserved for Murray,  that Sanford will explode with cheers.


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  1. 1 DawgFaithful July 26, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Actually the reinstatement had nothing to do with the NCAA using “good sense.” He was reinstated because he finally passed the drug test. Good sense would have been to reinstate him over 1year ago. I’m just so damn happy for the kid. And he got the news on his Birthday. God is good!

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