Phil Steele Observations, Part I

I love the Phil Steele magazine.  The day it arrives is like Christmas morning.  I am not as enamoured with the magazine as I once was, but the day I read the Phil Steele for the first time ranks right up there as my favorite day of the year.  It seems like it was about a week later than usual getting to the stores.  I had been going to Barnes and Noble every day for a week waiting to see if it had arrived.  Finally, we stopped at Publix Saturday night and they had it!

As part of my Father’s Day weekend, my wife took the little one out for errands Sunday afternoon.  Her ideas as for me to watch the Braves game in peace, since the Braves had the night game, I decided to jump head first into my Steele.  I took some notes this time to put in a post.

Whenever I read the magazine, I pick up on randon tidbits and factoids of information.  Here are a few random observations I noticed and, later on today or this week I’ll share some scheduling notes I made.

*Last year, Aaron Murray was a better passer than Johnny Manziel.  No doubt that Manziel deserved the Heisman-he lead the SEC in rushing-but from a quarterback’s perspective, Murray was better.  Murray threw for 3,893 and 36 TD-10 INT.  Manziel threw for 3,706 and 26-9.   But what A.J. McCarron did with a 30 TD-3 INT ratio is remarkable.

*The last two times Vandy has played Auburn (2008, 2012), The Commadores are 2-0 and only scored a combined 31 points.

*I always thought you can measure how good a team is by how they are performing ATS.  The last two years, Georgia is 8-6 and 8-5-1 ATS.  Last year, it should come as no surprise the games the Bulldogs struggled in were the games they didn’t cover (Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Buffal0).  In some cases, it isn’t entirely fair, as UGA didn’t cover against Florida Atlatnic, but still had a record day and by anyone’s measure played well.

*But what was surprising to me is that last season, the two best teams ATS were Ole Miss (10-3) and Vanderbilt (9-4).  If you are making regular bets on Vanderbilt or Ole Miss, you either are a wise guy or have a problem.

Just some initial, random observations.  I’m sure I’ll have some more.  If you have already got your Phil Stelle and have something you want to share, please do so.



1 Response to “Phil Steele Observations, Part I”

  1. 1 AthensHomerDawg June 17, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Don’t have my copy yet. Thought I might get it for Father’s Day. The boys took me to see the new Star Trek movie. I highly recommend it. When I do get my copy I imagine one stat should stick out. uT played uSC and UGA pretty close but gave up 99 points after the near upset of the OBC. Troy and Missouri went 5-7. Isn’t Troy in the Sun? WOW>…… we are gonna pound the Vols in Knoxvegas.

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