+1 For David Perno

I know we have been hard on Perno around here for a long time (search David Perno in the search box to the right), and just recently I called him out for being an assshole.

But we here at The Grit Tree like to believe if we are anything, we are fair.  So when I saw yesterday that Coach Perno had called new Coach Stricklin (h/t Tyler), I was impressed with this classy move.

You know, when a relationship ends, a lot of bitter feelings are held.  I have often feared that the if the day came and UGA had to cut ties with Coach Richt, our idiot fringe of the fanbase (is it still considered a fringe when there are a lot of them) would rejoice in his demise as our head coach.  There would such a positive response to him getting kicked to the curb, it wouldn’t reflect all the good that was done.

It was clearly David Perno’s time to go.  But he was a member of the 1991 CWS team, from Athens, and gave a long time to the University.  At his core, he is still a life long Bulldog.

Very classy coach.  Well done.



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