One Point For Being Smart, Minus 2 for Being Stupid

If I said it once, I’ve said it a million times:

If you are going to be stupid, be smart about it.

Let’s look at Josh Harvey-Clemons as the latest example.

I will give him a point for being smart while making a bad decision.  Yes, you know UGA has strict drug testing policies.  You’ve seen teammates get suspended and loss millions of dollars in potential NFL money due to failed drug tests.

Give him credit.  I’ve said before, the best time for the athletes to take a last dance with Mary Jane is this time of year.  The coaches don’t have official contact with you, so there is not threat of being called to take a drug test.  So, light up a blunt in May, June and July, and then you still have time to let it get out of your system in time for summer camp and when the threat of pissing in the cup is the highest.

BUT…if you are going to smoke reefer, DON”T DO IT ON CAMPUS.  IN YOUR DORM ROOM.  THEN, when the police come and search your room, find nothing and it is clear you won’t be arrested, DON’T ADMIT TO IT.

Since there was no arrest, I don’t think he should be suspended.  He should just run like hell.  But, since Mark Richt is so soft on discipline, then I suppose that is what you will expect.



2 Responses to “One Point For Being Smart, Minus 2 for Being Stupid”

  1. 1 Bulldawg Bill May 29, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    He’s losing playing time! What’s soft about that?!?!?!

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