Not So Keen on “Free Kolton” Story

When I heard that the Kolton Houston crusade would be played out on Outside the Lines, I was happy. I knew the ESPN investigation news magazine would bring to national light the facts we all know. I just hope that the story is very damning. I hope the letters that Greg McGarity sent to the NCAA, and the condescending responses are shown. I hope that Ron Courson shows the same passion to ESPN he did as reflected in the many Seth Emerson stories about this case. Play some sad music in the back ground, show a crying momma, and have Jeremy Schapp narrate it, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for a story that will make you feel sympathetic.

This whole situation is very stupid. It shows yet another example of how completely asinine the NCAA is, and how they react to situations without any common sense or good judgment.

But on second thought, I hope that the UGA Athletic Department has thought this through all the way.

I still hope the story is very damning for the NCAA…if you are going to do it, do it right. But, how wise is it to mess with an already mad and angry beast?

I don’t think that Mark Richt or Greg McGarity are ever going to cheat. Mark Richt is a man who, after butt dialing recruits accidentally, turns himself on for secondary violations. I have major confidence that as long as he is the head man in Athens, our program won’t suffer the attention of the NCAA that Auburn, Miami, Oregon, USC and Ohio State is getting.

But it doesn’t mean there aren’t skeletons. Mark Richt can’t know everything that goes on. Case in point is the A.J. Green story. The NCAA is like the IRS. When they start looking around, they are bound to find something.

I foresee the interview with A.J. Green going down something like this:

“Hey, A.J., were you in a party in Miami?”

“No sir.”

“Oh, OK. Well that is all.”

“I didn’t need an agent to pay for me a trip to Miami because I was able to afford to go because I sold my private property.”

“Oh really,” as they re-open their note pads, “tell us more.”

Or something like that.

Kind of reminds me of a scene from the political satire Primary Colors. A couple of staffers from a presidential candidate are trying to uncover some dirt about a shady land deal from the front runner, and while they are snooping around they uncover the candidate was swimming in coke (not the soda) in the 1980s.

By the way, Primary Colors is a good movie and I highly recommend it.

My point is, I hope that the Kolton Houston story doesn’t cause the NCAA to have some sort of ax to grind or vendetta. Because if there is one thing we know about the NCAA, they are petty folks who would do something that childish.




3 Responses to “Not So Keen on “Free Kolton” Story”

  1. 1 Chiefdawg May 8, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Can’t find anything on Auburn

  2. 2 South FL Dawg May 9, 2013 at 12:31 am

    The NCAA is so random in its rulings that I don’t think it matters, not to mention the kid deserves to be heard.

  3. 3 Ryals Stone May 9, 2013 at 11:42 am

    If you like Primary Colors, you’ll enjoy this clip re: the politician the book/movie was not-so-loosely based on:

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