David Perno: Look At the Man In The Mirror

Allow me to preface this with I don’t really follow UGA baseball all that closely.  Sure, I followed it when I was in school and back in 2008 when the Dawgs were just a game away from winning the CWS.  But by and large, I am mostly indifferent to the Diamond Dawgs and care more about the Braves.

But make no mistake about it, even a casual obvserver like me knows how bad the UGA baseball team sucks.

I’ve given Coach Perno a pass for a while.  More bloodthirsty fans wanted him gone a few years ago, but he had good success here and was a former player and a local guy.

“Give him a little bit of rope,” I said.

But now its come to where I think we need a new skipper.

And being an self-righteous asshole doesn’t do anything to help you either.

We’ve heard the news of the UGA baseball player dismissed from the team, but this quote from David Perno got me going this morning:

“Just the thought that the night before the biggest doubleheader of the season and he puts himself in a situation like that. He doesn’t care about this team or this program. He’s dismissed,” coach David Perno told the Athens Banner-Herald after the Bulldogs split the doubleheader Saturday. “That makes my decision easy. I think our kids couldn’t care less. They’re disappointed, too. It’s unfortunate. It’s probably why we’ve sputtered as much as we have because we’ve probably had some guys that haven’t been with us. They’re just front-runners and don’t have what it takes to be successful at this level. I hate it for J.T. But he made it too easy.”  (emphasis added)

No, Coach.  The reason the team has sputtered is becuase you suck.  I think it is you who doesn’t have what it takes to be successful at this level.  Stop blaming the kids on the team, and start taking accountability for the systemic mess your baseball program has become.  It hasn’t turned into this over night.

Defiant to the very end.




8 Responses to “David Perno: Look At the Man In The Mirror”

  1. 1 Larry Wages April 22, 2013 at 11:06 am

    As a four year letterman and avid UGA Baseball fan I could not agree more. I gave up by season tickets three years ago. Perno is in way over his head and because of cutting so many kids after one year he can no longer recruit the Atlanta area. The coaches despise him. Good riddance.

  2. 2 CJ April 22, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    On the contrary to you, I’m a very strong supporter of the Diamond Dawgs, and follow them closely. I currently coach baseball myself. The coach/player dynamic is definitely a two way street.

    There have been some staff moves over the past couple of years in efforts to better the team. Agree or not. It’s not as if they’ve been sitting on their hands like CMR while Willie’s D was going backwards. They’re consistently going after some of the best players in the nation, getting them to sign, and then losing them to the league. Nature of the beast.

    If there’s one thing that I do hold Coach Perno to is the seemingly micro-managing of the team. They brought in Osborne 2-3 years ago to work with the hitters, amongst other things. This year Perno is working with the hitters. Last year he had the pitchers. Not sure why he has the hitters this season, but I feel their bats are the major reason they’ve been unable to register more W’s on the year. Last I saw they were in the bottom of nearly every offensive category in the SEC.

    I mentioned it’s a two way street. You can give kids all the knowledge and instruction in the world, but if they choose to keep doing things their own way or don’t attempt to use it….they fall into the uncoachable category.

    As for JT, I hate it for the kid too. But I don’t think Coach Perno was out of line for voicing his displeasure with the choices/decisions a freshman contributor to this team made that came into play on the eve of, like CDP stated, the biggest day of the season to date. They needed to win the series to hold a chance to make it into the SEC tourn. When I was in school playing baseball I partied like everyone else. In some instances more. However, if I knew we were playing the #2/3 team in the nation in a double header the next day that could very well change the direction of our season….you can bet that I’d be at home or with teammates getting my game face on and then getting some rest. They likely had to be at the field at 9:30 am for the 1st game. That’s not only poor decision making, it poorly reflects on the leadership by the team captains as well. Maybe they did voice to the guys to make sure they’re ready to go the next day and JT went out and did this…maybe not. Only they know. I’d be pissed if I were on the team for multiple reasons.

    I don’t doubt Perno’s sick of hearing about what the guys are talking about doing after games, during the week, and what’s going on with their girlfriends…when their getting their tail handed to them more often than not. They have good talent on this team, but a lot of it has to come back to the players. As well as the coaching staff.

    All I’m saying is this….his statement is a reflection of the frustration of the season coupled with the disappointment and frustration with one of his promising freshman that was seeing the field quite a bit to this point in the season. It does reflect a empathetic attitude towards the team. Period.

    It may be time for a change. Maybe not. Perno’s contract is through next season. I know this, the staff was under a lot of stress coming into this season, and the product on the field has made that grow a great deal. I personally don’t feel the same way you do about Perno as a coach. He’s proven he can win in this league. I do feel that he may be micro-managing this team…I feel that’s a major issue. Let your staff coach. What happens is up to GM.

    Since you’re a Braves fan, as I am, this may be a better way to look at it. If the Braves had started out the exact opposite, 3-12, do you think Freddie wouldn’t be pissed if one of his young pitchers went out and got popped by APD the night before a home game against the Phillies or Nats? Do you think he’d say something similar to “He doesn’t care about this team or this program…It’s probably why we’ve sputtered as much as we have because we’ve probably had some guys that haven’t been with us.”? I sure do…anyone with something between their ears, and who gives a crap about what’s going on would.


  3. 3 WillTrane April 22, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    For some one who right out of the gate states they are indifferent to the Diamond Dawgs; takes a coaches comments about a players dismissal from the team; and then make such a derogatory comment about the coach…well, I think you might want to look in the mirror yourself.
    Baseball players on any roster have to understand the schedule, the opposing team, the coaches, and their scholarship. I do not think Perno simple moves a player out of frustration or anger, but out of trying to get his team moving, even this late into the season. Maturity could be a factor. Certainly been a factor for other players on other teams at UGA.
    I am not trying to defend Perno and I have not been a huge supporter of him being the coach, but there could be more to this…dugout, BP, and etc…building over the season. Many think Perno’s contract will not be renewed. CHS is one of the best baseball programs in the state. They field solid teams and players. Their history proves that.
    But let’s not get into calling a current coach at UGA by such a derogatory phrase. Suggest a little character and class

  4. 4 Corbindawg April 22, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    I am as paitient as anyone as it comes to coaches, and that the coaches can’t be holding players hands all the time. College kids will make bad typical college kid decisions.

    However, for Perno to simply blame the players for the season’s shortcomings (without looking at the past 5 years trend) while being so flippant rubs me wrong. It is his job to make sure the players he brings in and the players on the roster are able to play at this level. I think he just showed poor leadership by pointing the fingers without look inward.

  5. 5 T April 22, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    I have been to several games this year. I have been a season ticket holder for over 10 years. For the past two years, it seems like the team has to drag themselves to play each game. The Vanderbilt team has multiple players that will play in the show. They are that good. It just seems like they were more into the game than UGA. They were supporting each other, getting excited when someone makes a good play or scores a run. I just don’t see that in UGA. I can’t prove this to be true but it seems like there are guys sitting on the bench that are energy vampires. “I can strike out just as good as he can, so why doesn’t the coach give me a chance?” UGA has 13 freshman on the team. There are at least 3 to 4 freshman playing each game. The seniors are not very vocal during the game to inspire the others and just seem to be playing out the season. As a coach, you have to scare the young guys until they learn how to compete in the SEC.

    Overall, I think Dave has to put the fear of God in the team next year if he intends to regain control. Otherwise, a new coach will need to come in a do the same. He also needs to recruit better pitching otherwise we will be writing and reading the same comments next year. I am a huge UGA baseball fan but I just don’t see the team getting any better this year.

    • 6 Dog in Fla April 23, 2013 at 12:28 am

      Vanderbilt has a great coach in Corbin who along with the UF coach were assistants to Leggett at Clemson. Corbin is able to recruit New England and was able to keep David Price, Pedro Alvarez and Mike Minor among others in college rather than going pro. Wonder if he would be receptive to a Georgia offer whenever Perno decides to spend more time with his family and if so whether McGarity cares enough about baseball to do anything about it. Given his stance on Mark Fox, probably not:

  6. 7 Jack Wilson May 12, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Time has run out. GM has to make a change. Three bad years in a row, no true pitching coach in 3 years, and a staff than cannot recruit players in state with charactor. To give this staff another year would be a HUGE mistake, GM fired Jay Clark who was somewhat successful. He needs to be consistent and say good bye to DP regardless who his family is and what he did as a player.

  7. 8 eric heuer July 12, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    who ever corbindog is doesn’t know anything about baseball. perno is a great coach. college baseball or baseball in general is you win you stay. you loose you go. perno offered uga his best and he took the team further than anyone thought. hell find a new job soon.

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