What Does KCP’s Departure Mean for Mark Fox?

I never blogged about the basketball team this season.  Whenever I could get a chance, my thoughts were conveyed by Tyler Dawgden or others in the blog world, and it wasn’t topical.

In short, I think Coach Fox is an excellent coach.  He makes some curious end of game managment decisions, but as far as Xs and Os, I think he is one of the better ones. Also, after a dismal start to the season, the team rebounded (no pun intended) to have a decent showing in SEC play.  I know that the SEC was weak, but anytime you can win 5 games in a row-something that hasn’t happened in a decade-you are doing something right.  Even after a poor start in SEC play, the team played hard and never quit, even in games where they got down early and came back (LSU in the SEC tournament).  The players still played hard for him.  But it is evident that he has to recruit better.

If the team had played better early on, and they should have, then maybe by the time they got to SEC play this team could have had shot at a postseason birth.  A young team got better as the season progressed.

I am not one to want him fired, as I think he is a good coach and should be given time.  We don’t want to be a program that is constantly hiring and firing coaches every 3 years.

But…that still doesn’t give him a free pass.  With the talent on the team continuing to develop, and this was hinging on KCP returning in 2013-2014, my expectation was the Dawgs had to make the NCAA tourney next season for Fox to keep his job.

With KCP departing, I can almost guarantee the Dawgs won’t make the Tournament.

There are many reasons I feel like UGA men’s basketball is not successful.  Not all of it can be pinned on Coach Fox.  However, although I like Coach Fox and as mentioned above don’t want to cut and run like other programs, there is a point when we’ve seen enough.

Next season was that time and it seems that time has passed.

When is enough going to be enough?  When can we stop making excuses and just win?  I am afraid that now with KCP’s departure, Mark Fox is a dead man walking.



2 Responses to “What Does KCP’s Departure Mean for Mark Fox?”

  1. 1 Tuxedodawg April 17, 2013 at 11:28 am

    It doesn’t matter. As long as eligibility for the NBA draft stays at 19 and 1 year after graduation, college basketball will continue to be a stepping stone for players. The difference between Georgia and Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, etc. is that they’re basketball-driven schools. They have this problem, too, just like Georgia. The only difference is it doesn’t him them as hard because they’ve got a team full of KCPs.

    • 2 Corbindawg April 17, 2013 at 12:42 pm

      Florida, Ohio State, Oregon, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, etc. all put football first yet have competent basketball. With its proxemity to Atlanta, UGA could be great. There are many reasons why, and it stems over a long time. Georgia could have more than 1 KCP.

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