“What are you saying, some of these guys are furniture movers?”

Major League is one of my favorite sports movies of all-time. Not the best, but it’s up there pretty high. Part of that is that movie greatly reminds you of the Atlanta Braves 1991 season.

Unfortunately, it also reminds of another baseball fortune within the peach state, the state of the Georgia baseball program.

This program isn’t just having a bad spell. It’s one that it has fallen into and not gotten back up from, and that falls completely on David Perno.

Look, I know David Perno is well-liked, especially in Athens. But keeping someone on because they are well-liked works fine on some lower levels, but not in the top conference in college baseball.

The funny thing is, things were set up for the opposite. Remember 2008, when one of the greatest flukes of all-time, Fresno State kept Georgia from a national title? One would a think a national runner-up finish would catapult the program. Instead it has done the opposite. In the four seasons since, Georgia has failed to advance to the regionals and in its two regional appearances has failed to advance. 

Look, I know there has been adversity within the roster. Injuries happen. But when you have a recruiting base that Georgia has, there’s no reason not to have depth built up. 

Perno’s apologists will be quick to point to the fact that Georgia is playing in the toughest division within the a major baseball conference. I won’t dispute that, but there was a time when Georgia was one of those teams that teams tried to beat.

Think about it. Kentucky is now a top-five caliber baseball program. Yep, Kentucky, a program that was a laughingstock like most other sports at UK except for basketball.

If you can recruit players at a place like Kentucky, why in the world can’t you recruit at the flagship school that’s a gold mine for baseball prospects?

The fact is, pretty much the rest of the SEC has moved past of further ahead of Georgia. If it wants to catch up, it’ll have to be with someone besides David Perno leading the way.

Lugnut Dawg




1 Response to ““What are you saying, some of these guys are furniture movers?””

  1. 1 Bright Idea March 26, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Perno became complacent because nobody in charge cares. They don’t care because baseball is not a big profit sport.

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