Eating crow with the Hoop Dawgs

I’ll admit. I, along with many others didn’t feel too good about the state of this Georgia basketball team about two months ago.

At that time, this team was downright bad, losing to bad teams out of conference. Its managing to win one of its first five SEC games seemed to be, at the time, a minor miracle.

I’ll admit – I had reservations about Coach Mark Fox. Not about his coaching abilities, but the direction that the program was headed. There was a building case for a hard look at if the burner underneath his proverbial hot seat needing to be lit.

But I’ll proudly say that I’ll eat some crow on that one, preferably served with a side of Mrs. Griffin’s BBQ sauce.

Sure, this team got going thanks to a less than stellar schedule, but it won those games it is supposed to win. Now, its playing its best basketball, and that is a definite credit of Fox being able to squeeze all that he can out of the cards he has in his deck.

Look, I know Kentucky fans, who like one of their players think that they should ‘never to lose Georgia,’ will claim last night’s win was no big deal.

Stop right there, though. I don’t care what the circumstances are – Kentucky is still Kentucky – a team that won a national title last year.

Who knows, maybe the Hoop Dawgs can make another run through the SEC tournament.

Someone has to do it. Why not Georgia?

Go Dawgs!

Lugnut Dawg


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