Lewis Grizzard Wednesday: Baseball

Baseball season is just around the corner.  There is a lot of justified excitement for us Braves fans.  Frank Wren pulled a rabbit out of the hat this offseason, signing the Upton brothers.  It won’t be quite the same without seeing Chipper at hot corner, but I like this year’s ballclub. 

We are some three and half weeks until Openind Day, and exactly two weeks from the Grit Tree’s fantasy baseball League  draft.  There is a renewed excitement over fantasty baseball.  Ucheedawg’s team was dominant last year, and has had a nice streak.  I usually do pretty well in fantasy baseball, but last year I was horrible.   Awful.  So the opportunity for atonement is exciting. 

I know it is chilly this morning, but Spring is in the air and baseball will soon be here to bridge the gap between the long, agonizing months between Signing Day and August 31st, 8:00 pm.   

Go to this link to read an October 19, 1993 column from Lewis on prissy pants and baseball. 


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