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Mizzou: Not SEC (jail) ready

It’s been played out far more than needed on how ready for the SEC Mizzou and Texas A&M would be. On the field this past fall, it’s safe to say the school with the second-best J-School in the conference (behind UGA’s Grady College of Journalism, of course) also lags behind on the gridiron. 

If there’s one thing you learn in the SEC, its how to handle run-ins with local authorities when you are on the road. Well, according to this linkage from Outkick The Coverage, Mizzou’s fans still have some things to learn thanks to this first-person account.

  Still, give these fans credit for living by the mantra of famous stock car driver Delma Cowart of Savannah

– “He never won a race, but never lost a party.”

A few of the highlights:

After being heckled as creepy Missouri fans peeping around sorrorities, we were put in the cruiser and eventually a paddy waggon with a true motley crew of characters. Our favorite being the Canadian kid in town for a wedding vomiting all over himself and blaming it on the guy next to him. If Canada has a version of Locked Up Abroad, he has to be on it.


we are given a bag of prison goodies to go with our jump suits and orange crocs. A guard leads us down several hundred yards of hallways before we are corraled into a pod of cells. To a couple of suburban fraternity boys, this is Alcatraz.


We watch the game winning field goal from a holding cell and are then released to my friend’s parents like a couple of dogs with our tails between our legs. Missouri just had their one shining moment of a dreadful first season in the SEC, and we watched it from a jail in Knoxville for a couple thousand dollars a piece.


The entire trip home the next day we keep asking ourselves, “Why is public intoxication such a big deal in Knoxville?”


Lugnut Dawg

The Hoop Dawgs Run: What It Means For Now and The Future

To be direct, winning is better than losing. I’ll take victory over defeat any day. But sometimes, the true impact of wins are hard to measure. No truer case is out there right now than the state of men’s basketball at the University of Georgia.

Not since the days of Jim Harrick has Georgia basketball enjoyed a winning streak this long – five games after Saturday’s win over Texas A&M. But there’s still a lack of buzz, despite that success. Without question, the athletic deparment’s neglect of the program is a factor. Georgia failed to see the value of men’s hoops over the years, and it has shown. 

Georgia is an average team in a very very bad conference, that competition can screen a team’s shortcomings. This team has looked very bad at times, but playing weak opponents has not caused sometimes inept offensive play to be too costly. 

Still, this team has gotten better. You can fault Mark Fox for certain shortcomings within this program in regard to recruiting, but has has done the best he could with the deck of cards he has been dealt.

Count me as one in December that saw this team play and didn’t see it winning an SEC game this year. I’m glad to say that I was wrong.  

Any time you win five in a row in a conference, you are doing something right. 

Provided KCP stays for another year, some good pieces are in place for a tournament run next year. That, however, may be a big IF.

Lugnut Dawg


Ok, finally that’s over…

Thankfully, Grantham-watch has come to an end, at least for now. 

Todd Grantham will be remaining at Georgia, turning down the offer to be the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, keeping Sean Payton from being one of the most hated men in the state of Georgia.

I mean, can you imagine if Grantham had been lured to NOLA? Payton is already one of the most disliked individuals in the NFL if you are a Falcons fan. Imagine if the same guy had come into Georgia and poached the second-most popular assistant coach in UGA history (maybe) since Erk.

It does not matter much if Grantham’s flirtation with the NFL hurt of help late recruiting. Honestly, Montravius Adams was headed to Auburn once Rodney Garner left, but the trade-off was getting Bellamy – so it’s pretty much a wash-out as far as that goes.

Regardless – Todd Granthem will be back as defensive coordinator. But odds are that NFL overtures may come again. If there is a silver lining, it is that Georgia can come up with a plan to better orchestrate Grantham’s exit and groom a replacement if he opts to head to the NFL in the future. 

In other words, not grace the Bulldog Nation with CWM, the Sequel.



This week’s Lewis: Curing the Common Cold

Due to some real-world goings on, including Corbin Dawg welcoming a new member to the family, times have been busy for us here at TGT. But we couldn’t let a week go by without a Lewis fix. 

Curing The Common Cold 
The medical community has been excited recently over the discovery that a drug called Interferon may be the long-awaited cure for the common cold. 

I think it is only fitting, however, we remember some of the methods that were used to battle colds in the past. 

There have been some marvelous remedies – even if most of them didn’t work – handed down through the years. 

My mother once told me that when she got a cold, her mother put a lot of stuff that smelled bad into a sack and then tied the sack around her neck. 

They did the same thing, incidentally, to captured prisoners in World War I to make them talk. 

I, too, have developed remedies for bad colds that I have had. And just in case Interferon falls on its runny nose, I thought I would mention a few of them here in case others may want to give my remedies a try . 

GINGER ALE: I am convinced ginger ale can heal the sick and raise the dead. There is something about its bubbliness and sweet taste that always seems to soothe my scratchy throat and achy head. 

Ginger ale will work even better if you can get somebody else to bring it to you while you are in the bed. If they will talk baby talk to you while they are serving you the ginger ale, this is even better. 

“Does my little tiger want some ginger ale for his coldy-woldy?” is the type phraseology I have in mind. 

SYMPATHY: I don’t care what anybody says, the more sympathy you get when you’ve got a cold, the faster you will recover. 

It probably won’t do you any good to call any of your friends looking for sympathy, so the best place to find it is to call your mother. 

If she says something like: “Does my little tiger have a coldy- wold?” you can expect to be up and around in no time. 

MOANING AND WHINING: These have long been two of my favorite co- remedies. What you do is get into the fetal position and moan or whine. 

A moan and a whine are different. When you moan you make low grunting sounds like “Oooooooh, my God.” When you whine, you make sounds like a poodle dog yapping for its dinner. I don’t know how to spell what a poodle dog sounds like when it is yapping for its dinner, but you get the idea. 

Even if nobody is around to hearing you moaning or whining, it will still help your cold. If somebody is there to hear, however, that’s a lot better. 

OLD BLACK & WHITE MOVIES: Nothing helps a cold more than lying in bed, drinking ginger ale, getting sympathy from somebody, while you are moaning or whining, and watching an old black and white movie on television. 

If Jimmy Stewart, Barbara Stanwyck, Alan Ladd, Victor Mature or Yvvone DeCarlo is in the movie you probablywill be well by the next morning. If Ronald Reagan is in the movie, however, you can be flat on your back for weeks. 

CHICKEN SOUP: This, of course, is the all-time homemade remedy for the common cold. 

I really don’t know if chicken soup works on a cold, but in the immortal words of my mother, who was kind enough to feed me chicken soup when I had a cold rather than tying smelly bags around my neck, “Have you ever heard a hen sneeze?” 

Think about it. 

The Monster in the West

The way the SEC schedule currently sets up on the football side, Georgia does not annually play Texas A&M. From a standpoint of minimizing roadblocks during the course of a season, this is a very good thing for Georgia.

I have always thought that with its traditions, TAMU may as well be an SEC school. Me and my dad have already talked about how fun it’d be to take in a home game at College Station.

But if you’re in the SEC West right now, Texas A&M if a serious concern. If you think the Aggies are a Johnny Football flash in a pan, then I’ve got some oceanfront property in Colquitt County to sell you.

Sure, having a guy like Manziel helped a lot. But Texas A&M say what life could be like outside the shadow of big, bad UT-Austin. And a very hungry fan base appears to be relishing in it, and rightfully so.

Speaking of the Longhorns, their downswing is an open door for Texas A &M to gain the recruiting foothold in Texas. That’s bad news for the rest of the SEC,

It’s no accident that Florida’s rise under Urban Meyer started with Florida State’s decline. One dominant program tends to swing recruiting in a talent-rich state very heavy in one direction. We saw it with Florida, and the same may be about to happen in Texas.

If there’s good in this for the SEC East, it’s that Alabama and Texas A & M can beat one another up each year on the way to Atlanta.

Lugnut Dawg