Keep Them Fish A Frying, Tech

As we’ve documented a time or two here on TGT, having a weak in-state rival is a tremendous enabler of the college football program. It’s not a fluke that Urban Meyer elevated the Florida program at the same time that Florida State’s fortunes slumped.

Here in the Peach State, Georgia Tech, for various reasons, is sticking for our good ole fish frying pal, Paul Johnson and his bass-ackwards offense that works great if you are Georgia Southern but not so well when you face top-caliber athletes on defense each week and referees that have the gonads to call cut-block penalties.

The fact of it is that if you are a top-line offensive player, the last place you want to go is Georgia Tech. It does little, if anything to prepare you for the NFL. Remember Jonathan Dwyer and how great he made CPJ look? Playing in that offense was so impressive that he was drafted in the sixth round.

And now we have this – 

That’s right- come to Tech and choose us over powerhouses like Alabama State. Run our offense and we will prep you for the next level where hopefully you will find a new position. 

The current state of Tech football? It’s very good for Georgia.

Some UGA fans don’t care for Paul Johnson. I for one hope he stays there forever.

Keep on frying them fish, NATS!

Lugnut Dawg

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