The biggest key to this year’s signing class?

On paper, Georgia brought in a solid class. Good, but not spectacular – at least for now. What will make this group spectacular won’t be known for at least a year. All the four and five star rankings are great, and all. But for every Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall, there are also some guys like Marquise Elmore and Darius Swain.

At least in the short term, one of the biggest keys to this signing class may very well be Chris Mayes. Georgia’s defensive line depth, especially in the middle is a mixture of raw, inexperienced and unproven. Sure, there is potential with a handful of freshmen or sophomores, but that potential is about as useful as toilet paper. 

And then there’s Mayes. As far as experience goes, he’s further along thanks to time within the JUCO ranks. And with his 6-4, 315 pound frame, he could be the key in Georgia’s rebuilt defense being great rather than so-so. Montravius Adams would have been a nice get, but if he’s intent on playing for Rodney Garner, more power to him (it’s debatable whether or not he’d have gotten into UGA anyway).

As we saw with Todd Grantham’s arrival, strong play in the middle of the defensive line makes this 3-4 defense go. 

The case can be made that as defensive tackles develop, so goes this team’s defense. 

And Chris Mayes is right there in the midst of it.

Lugnut Dawg


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