But, but…that doesn’t happen at Alabama!!

The national and regional media in addition to the Jerry Springer rejects on Paul Finebaum would have us believe that nothing bad ever happens with Alabama’s program, that no players ever, ever run afoul of the law, because when you play for the great Nick Saban, you just don’t want to even think about doing anything close to breaking the rules.

These players, I guess have forgotten that they are not allowed to get arrested 

I pity the lowly student assistant who had to break the news to Saban…I can imagine a scene from Star Wars of Darth Vader using the force to neck-choke someone. 

As we know all too well in Athens, you can instill all of the good things in 18-22 year olds you  want, but at the end of the day they are just that, 18-22 year olds. 

I’m waiting on outlets like the AJC to plaster across the front of their home page that Alabama players have been arrested and for columnists decrying the like of control of the program under Nick Saban, and accusations that the program is nothing but thugs running wild out of the control.

It’s ok, we’ll wait. We have plenty of time.

Lugnut Dawg


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