Mizzou: Not SEC (jail) ready

It’s been played out far more than needed on how ready for the SEC Mizzou and Texas A&M would be. On the field this past fall, it’s safe to say the school with the second-best J-School in the conference (behind UGA’s Grady College of Journalism, of course) also lags behind on the gridiron. 

If there’s one thing you learn in the SEC, its how to handle run-ins with local authorities when you are on the road. Well, according to this linkage from Outkick The Coverage, Mizzou’s fans still have some things to learn thanks to this first-person account.

  Still, give these fans credit for living by the mantra of famous stock car driver Delma Cowart of Savannah

– “He never won a race, but never lost a party.”

A few of the highlights:

After being heckled as creepy Missouri fans peeping around sorrorities, we were put in the cruiser and eventually a paddy waggon with a true motley crew of characters. Our favorite being the Canadian kid in town for a wedding vomiting all over himself and blaming it on the guy next to him. If Canada has a version of Locked Up Abroad, he has to be on it.


we are given a bag of prison goodies to go with our jump suits and orange crocs. A guard leads us down several hundred yards of hallways before we are corraled into a pod of cells. To a couple of suburban fraternity boys, this is Alcatraz.


We watch the game winning field goal from a holding cell and are then released to my friend’s parents like a couple of dogs with our tails between our legs. Missouri just had their one shining moment of a dreadful first season in the SEC, and we watched it from a jail in Knoxville for a couple thousand dollars a piece.


The entire trip home the next day we keep asking ourselves, “Why is public intoxication such a big deal in Knoxville?”


Lugnut Dawg


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