The Hoop Dawgs Run: What It Means For Now and The Future

To be direct, winning is better than losing. I’ll take victory over defeat any day. But sometimes, the true impact of wins are hard to measure. No truer case is out there right now than the state of men’s basketball at the University of Georgia.

Not since the days of Jim Harrick has Georgia basketball enjoyed a winning streak this long – five games after Saturday’s win over Texas A&M. But there’s still a lack of buzz, despite that success. Without question, the athletic deparment’s neglect of the program is a factor. Georgia failed to see the value of men’s hoops over the years, and it has shown. 

Georgia is an average team in a very very bad conference, that competition can screen a team’s shortcomings. This team has looked very bad at times, but playing weak opponents has not caused sometimes inept offensive play to be too costly. 

Still, this team has gotten better. You can fault Mark Fox for certain shortcomings within this program in regard to recruiting, but has has done the best he could with the deck of cards he has been dealt.

Count me as one in December that saw this team play and didn’t see it winning an SEC game this year. I’m glad to say that I was wrong.  

Any time you win five in a row in a conference, you are doing something right. 

Provided KCP stays for another year, some good pieces are in place for a tournament run next year. That, however, may be a big IF.

Lugnut Dawg


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